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  1. Who here uses Netflix or have used it? Good, Bad not worth the time? I'm thinking of getting it for the wife.

  2. its pretty good. I get my DVDs within 2 days or so of them receiving the ones i sent back. They also now have unlimited online viewing time. The movies on the online player are a mix. Some good, lots suck. Some decent older movies a few years old with some documentary's.

  3. Excellent service. Same, get movies within a couple of days. Usually return them Monday and have new ones back by Thursday. Online is good for TV series that you may have missed, The office, Lost, and the such.
  4. No complaints about netflix here.
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    Use it all the time and love it.
    17.00 a month and I can watch all the DVDs I can handle.
    The only way I will stop my subscription is if I go broke and can no longer afford it.
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    We love it! We always had late fees at the video store. The drive was to far. Netflix is great for us. And we always get the ones we want. At the video store, some times the one we wanted wouldn't be in.
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    Well, I am wierd when it comes to movies and music: If I honestly enjoy it, I will BUY it, and have it to watch/listen whenever I want to. I always ask peoples opinions on movies, since I have a very narrow margin of movies that I will see in the theater (no music wise: pretty much have the core what I need, but want more that I remember). If I get positive feedback, DVDs are cheap enough to buy. If not, then its a rental. Should it turn out to be something I like ("Vanilla Sky" anyone? I loved that movie) I will buy it. I admit, my way is a bit backwards, but I support the artists or moviemakers as much as I can, and actually BUY thier product.
  8. I have Blockbuster online and the service is the same. My recommendation would be to see who has the closer to your location distribution center and go with that service. I live in Ft Lauderdale with the Blockbuster distribution center in Miami. I can drop my videos in the morning mail and have new ones the next day. One day turn around. Also Blockbuster has an arrangement with the US Postal Service. When the incoming returned video is scanned at the post office the Blockbuster system receives notice and considers the video returned. They will then ship out your next video before they ever receive the returned one. Netflix may have the same arrangement but I wouldn't know how to confirm it.
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    I MIGHT have to check that I "Listen" to DVDs on a constant basis during my work. I drive, but CAN listen to a DVD....
  10. I used it awhile ago, it was great. Then I started getting lazy and would keep movies for a week or so at a time, then a month or more. Had to cancel it then just b/c I wasn't using it. The blockbuster deal sounded interesting if you had a blockbuster near you, but still would take netflix over them most likely. I love the ability to set up a looong ass que of movies. Would get bored and browse their selection and pick 80-90 movies I wanted to see and would be all set for awhile and would only log in to pick out some new releases. Another cool thing about it is before movies are released, you can add them to your que and get inline to rent them before they are even released so that you are on of the first to get your grubby little paws on it.
  11. Oh and they do an instant access now where you watch it online, guessing streaming.
  12. I tried both NetFlix and Blockbuster. I, personally, don't like the lag in the mail... by the time I watch one and mail it back and get another... you get the idea. With Blockbuster, even if you don't get the "return to the store" option, they give you a coupon for a free rental. So, if you ever feel the need to get a movie right away... just go in and use the coupon. Anyway, I just feel Blockbuster is better; plus, they have a distribution center in Jacksonville, so the mail return time is short... like 3 to 4 days.

    I think they both have free trials... take the free trials and see which one you like.
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    We had them for a while. I like older stuff and my wife likes foreign / documentaries. About half the time they came in broken or so scratched that they wouldn't play. It probably won't be a problem if you stay with the newer stuff.

    A little off theme, this might be of some interest to the group here, give the desire to invent / build to suit your own needs.

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    We used Netflix for a while but weren't too impressed. We don't live real close to a "center" so the dvd's took a few days to get back to Netflix and to us. Our main problem was getting discs that were cracked. I don't know if it was netflix or the post office but either way, we couldn't watch a cracked dvd. One time we got the same cracked dvd right after sending it back to netflix. We just go movie gallery or our local library which has a surprisingly good selection and are only $1 a rental!!! Note: I'm sure this (cracked dvd's) isn't a problem for most people or Netflix would be out of business :lol:
  15. Just for info purposes I only rent (Blockbuster) new releases and have never received a cracked or scratched DVD. I have however received a couple corrupted DVD's that would get all jittery somewhere during the movie. I know its not my player as I would try them on other players with the same results. Man is that frustrating really getting into a movie then it gets all fouled up on you.
  16. I've used NetFlik, no complaints.