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    Sometimes when browsing the trading zone you come across a price that is out of line and more than a well informed buyer would pay. I usually bite my tongue and do not reply. Here is the question:

    Is it improper to call someone out on their price? Should we look out for each other and let other forum members know when prices are a bit out of line? Or should we bite our tongues and let caveat emptor?
  2. If you do call them out, do so politely, and in a Private Message.

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    Or, if he's a total douche, post the ad of the cheaper price and call him out :p

    Otherwise, I agree with the polite approach when he or she is otherwise a decent fellow.
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    I don't know about that primal.

    Say I was going to sell say My xd witch I paid 500$ for.

    I decide that after I have owned it for a long time and it is now to scratched up and worn out that I now want to sell it to some uninformed member for a low low price of 460$ cause I have to sell now need the money.

    Lost my job and my handycap kid is sick.

    Then the uninformed hpman decides he has wanted an xd ever since he read an article in Midnight ranger dark ops special about how great htey are.

    So he pm's me and we do a face to face in wall mart parking lot.

    Next thing you know I am marking the item sold.

    Now this could have been avoided if a member that new better were to speak up and post that this weapon is worth at best 350-400$.

    I know I would feel bad to see one of our members get hosed like this.

    We do have some people that become members and only post in the trade threads.

    And I do not think that all of them are doing so for us, I believe that some are just out looking for that one unsuspecting less knowledgable person to come across the have to sell now at this bargain price.

    Just my thought I surely hope you don't approve of people taking advantage of our lesser informed members.
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    Agreed Thayld, and here's why...

    If it's your general HPFF member, this might not be an issue, but there are many people who join forums for nothing more than turning a buck. I've been a member of many a forum who had people join for nothing more than the want ads section.

    Sure, they make a few posts here and there to look good, but they're here for one reason. To turn a buck. Those are usually the guys getting top dollar for their goods. to unsuspecting noobs to the game, whether it be guns, cars, motorcycles, toys, whatever.

    I'm not saying that's an issue here, I don't really browse the want ads much, but it has been an issue at many others forums I frequent. Seems like the autotive ones are popular for them.

    Anyway, I always say be nice, but try to be realistic. We also have to remember that prices may vary a bit from region to region. Seems to me that we pay a bit more for guns around here than the national average.
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    It's not the regular members that do this. It's the 1-10 post guys that come on and post their stuff for sale at over the top prices. If they really rip someone off, they can just make up a new name and do it again. If someone was trying to rip off a friend, I'd say something and I think of everyone here in that same manner.

    There is a little room for discretion. If someone were selling a mosin for $120, probably wouldn't say anything but maybe an pm. If someone was selling a mosin for $220, that might need to be on the thread to warn others.
  7. urotu

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    One of the car forums I frequent won't let you post in the for sale section for two weeks, or a certain number of posts, not a bad idea. They're a huge place and the odds are good to get someone.

    They have a lot of rules there, it can be a pain, but some of them make good sense.
  8. I agree with posting it if it's a "plinker" or inactive "marksman". But, also, think about this: posting it prevents the guy from getting fifteen different PMs saying "that's priced too high" since everyone knows that the matter has been taken care of.
  9. I agree that it would be nice to be able to watch each others backs, but at the same time we need to make sure we dont post in a thread of some guys with a weapon that is actually worth the 500 that he is asking that they are not worth that, just because you have read somewhere that you can get them for 350

    I payed 200 for my first MN, wish there had been someone that would have been there to tell me it was only worth 100 tops

    Its a fine line to walk, thats for sure.
  10. Well, you can also send a PM to the person interested in buying said object and tell them, "Hey, douche bag #1 is asking way too much for that, here's a link to Website X and they sell it for such and such for $50.00 less with free shipping."

    I have actually had other members on the forum send me PM's about various objects that I have been interested in, and it's a polite way to get your point across without calling someone out for being an extortionist.
  11. Uraijit

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    Sweet, I'll just use my Jedi mind powers to figure out everybody who's interested, and then PM them all! ;)
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    If you can find it new for $50 more or less that the asking price and have a website to back it up, I'd say call them out, maybe throw a number at them to sound like your haggling a fair price. .


    Seller: 7.62 Saiga, 1,000rnds thru no probs. asking $275 + shipping

    Z71: classic arms has them new for $250
    how about $200 shipped?
  13. You're a Jedi too, huh? I thought I was the only one........... drats.

    I've PM'd folks I thought were asking too much cause I think it's right to do. I believe, for a given quality, etc. there's probably about a 20% total range of cost that I'd consider in-bounds. Great deal <-------> Hosing.

    Sometimes folks just have to learn - I did. The internet is the biggest library on the planet - if you're gonna spend a few hundred on a toy, instead of food, you better do your research. And, anyone can ask anyone here too.
  14. I dont think there is anything wrong about POLITELY saying something in the post. Do not engage the seller or the buyer in any way, and if someone takes offence, just appologize that they took offense to it, but you were trying to supply information. There is no need for more then one person to say something, the point isn't to bash the seller. Often the seller knows what he wants for it, and what it is worth to him. Often a firearms vary in price greatly from one region to another, so keep this in mind. The biggest thing is be polite about it and whatever you do, do NOT be hostile or insultive about it. Take the informative approach.
  15. or just leave it alone. if the price is too high then don't buy it. it could be you someday wanting to make a buck or two and have the same thing happen. if someone else buys it for a high price...then that is between the two of them and none of our my humble opinion, of course.
  16. Slightly high and a rip off are different and we arn't here to facilitate a rip off or scam. No one here needs to be here with the intent to make a quick buck at someone elses expense. The sale won't be banned, but if someone's trying to sell someone a HP JHP45 for $500, then something will be said. We've all been scammed, and while we've learned from it, it doesn't mean it should have happened. I am not saying anyone here is a scammer, but we have seen people in the past try to pull a fast one on other members. It is buyer beware in the FS/FT, but it doesn't mean it's open season on gullable people.
  17. hey guys I`m new on here, havent abeen here long, and If I were to buy something off here, and were getting hosed I would sure want you to help me out in that regaurd. I am no kid and I think I know what most of what I want is worth, so I dont think I will pay to much for something. It is just nice to know you guys are looking over our shoulder if we are making a dumb deal. thanks
  18. Maybe the thing to do would be for a potential buyer to post "I may be interested" or "are you firm on that price", giving other members a chance to PM the potential buyer if they think it is a bad deal for whatever reason

    I am sure we can work something out that would be benificial for everyone.

    I am sure also that there are sellers out there that are honest, and just plain dont know that they are asking too much for a piece.
  19. well, i didn't mean to infer that a member be hosed over it. i guess i misread the original post. a few bucks profit is o.k. in my opinion...just don't go overboard with it. sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    I go back to what I have said before. If you don't like the price, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and MOVE ON.

    Guy #1 has a widget for 45 bucks.
    Guy #2 is interested because he hasn't found a widget for less than 50.
    Guy #3 thinks he knows everything and says widgets shouldn't ever be more than 20.
    Guy #2 doesn't buy because he doesn't want to look foolish.

    I find good deals all the time. Just because I can find it cheaper once in a blue moon doesn't that is what all of them are worth. If anyone doesn't agree you need to send me your ARs for 375 and your Cetme 308s for 250. I will buy all that you can ship.