Nevada Anniversary

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  1. It was the 1st anniversary, on the 12th, of the Feds running away from the ad hoc militia that was formed to protect the Bundy family.

    It was truly a great day for preventing tyranny in the US. Plus it showed the very reason why current militia types of arms are to be owned and in the personal procession of the militiaman, instead of the government, and is a supreme law of the land.

    Now we just need to push harder for the 1st part of the 2nd and get proper state militias again. Thereby, providing a stronger moral check on those in government and :mumy::mumy: from even thinking of doing what they did in Nevada. The more properly armed we are, the stronger the moral check.

    It does seem that there are still :mumy::mumy:that think that they can still disarm the people. Fortunately they are not only going against the tide of history, they are also going the way of the dodo bird.

    Also, there are still to many freedom loving people that are playing defence with the 2nd even after what happened a year ago. But there is always more General Joubert's than Smuts(Battle of Ladysmith for those who don't study history).

    Until state militias are formed again, provisional and ad hoc militias are the only legal thing we can do.


    In the Battle of Ladysmith the British regulars were beaten(by the Boer militias) and fled in panic. When the Brits were flee in panic Jan Smuts galloped his horse to General Joubert(Boer commander). Paraphrased into English - Smuts said to send in the cavalry to completely destroy the British army. General Joubert said they shouldn’t press their luck. Joubert couldn't see the obvious that day. If Joubert would have sent in the cavalry, the Boers could have taken all of South Africa without being opposed.
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    I think that the government and the mainstream media would both be happiest if everyone forgot this incident. Won't see much about it from the traditional networks.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    you can even go to the degree, we need it to protect ourselves. LA riots, the police pulled out, people were left on their own.
    The Asian community organized and turned the rioters.............that is a very compelling reason to me why I need an armed household