Never Posted so...*Little Update*

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  1. Afew pics of my 3 ladies. No worries, I've got a few more girls joining the party soon ;)

    995 First few days of owning it. Threw a Walmart Tasco red/green dot on it

    Romanian M44, Mossy 500, and ... well, you know 8)

    Added a compensator and hogue grip to the 995, ATI collapsible stock with sanded/painted black forend on the 500.


    And my new range bag. This thing's great so far.

    And and I didn't forget... TOES!!!
    *Not Mine, But thought it'd be a good post! lol*

    Later dudes


    New Hogue Forend - Grip on this thing's awesome.


  2. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    WOW, welsome to the forum, and get that toe looked at.

  3. Nice guns! That toe pic is awesome, I laughed my arse off.
  4. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    and people wonder why some of us are bothered by feet....

    at least its photoshopped...and not real. ick..
  5. I ain't never been flipped off by a foot before.... :shock: :D :p
  6. DLC

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    WOW!!! :shock:
    That blanket put "Eye of the Tiger" in my head.

    Thanks Man, now that is all I hear in my head :?

    "It's the Eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight.........."


  7. Thats all i hear 8)