Never say S.A.M. 1911 (Range report)

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    After I invested in a number of 9mm firearms and read everything about +p 9mm being "ballistically similar" to .45ACP, I thought I would never want, need a 1911. (no reason to drag out the old 9mm vs .45mm debate here, I got both now :D )

    Well, went to a gun show today and saw some really cheap (read inexpensive) 1911s for $330 and got one. Always heard good things about RIA's but had never heard about the Century Arms / S.A.M. ones. Made in the Philippines but not by Armscor. So I drove 45 minutes home, jumped on the net and researched them, drove 45 minutes back to the gun show and got one.

    It's a Century / S.A.M Elite 1911. Didn't have any time to get to the range with it today but may get there tomorrow. Sorry for the bad pics but lighting is poor and It looks like I didn't get all the EEZZOX off it. Fit and finish are really nice.


  2. Good for you, a new 1911 is a good thing!

    I've seen this advertised but have never seen one in person. Let us know how it does as you shoot it.

    A person can't have enough 1911s.


  3. That is one great deal!!!!!!! I would have got one to..
  4. $330???? Wow a great deal. Let us know how she plays!
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    Good looking gun! I picked up my first 1911 a few weeks back, I went with a Kimber Custom Carry II.
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    Thats a nice price for a 1911. I dont recognize the brand, though.
  7. Space

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    Got to shoot it late today but it was getting dark so only had time to put 50 rounds through it. Zero failures of any kind. This thing is sweet.

    Maybe it's because it's all steel (i.e. heavy) but there is almost no recoil. Or maybe I'm just too used to shooting the P64. Just kinda goes "pop". Was shooting Fiocchi 230gr FMJ standard loads.

    This is from the 3rd or 4th mag at 10 yards. Standing, shooting 2 handed with shots less than a second apart. Seems to be accurate enough.


    Question for you 1911 guys: This gun came with a 7 round mag. Should I be able to put any 1911 mag in it (I would think so). They seem to come in 7 or 8 round sizes.
  8. Nice range trip, hope you enjoy it as much as I've always liked my 1911s.

    As for magazines, just avoid the cheap magazines that pretend to be 'mil-spec' - those are the ones that fall apart (literally, the spot-welded floorplate can fall off). Some people say the 7round mags feed better than the 8, but I've never seen a difference as long as they're good mags. I've bought mags from CDNN and been satisfied with them; their prices are hard to beat.
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    Nice shooting! I need a 1911