New 12Gauge Automotive Tool

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  1. z71silverado98

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  2. PrimalSeal

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    What a friggin' retard!!! LOL! That's so stupid it's funny.

  3. wow the intelagence of some people astounds thats what the extra drawer in my tool chest is for.......... :D
  4. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Well-Known Member

    Ive thrown tools down the street after skinning my knuckles or ripping off a nail but the 12ga has to be the ultimate "F@#* It!""

    by the article it seems as if he spent 2weeks working on the lugs, ever heard of penetrating oil? or a torch? or a breaker bar?

    Thats what you get for shooting soft lead at grade 8 metal. The moron should have used a breaching round, that'll chew off a lug LMAO
  5. andrew241

    andrew241 Member

    what a bonehead lol
  6. Bushman98

    Bushman98 Well-Known Member

    I guess the lug nut was metric. :roll:
  7. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    Probably communist too! :lol:
  8. Decoligny

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    If you do decide to finally resort to the 12 guage, you should probably tow the vehicle out into the boonies and have at with slugs from a distance. Make a day of it, invite all your friends to bring along thier shotguns/AKs/995s/etc and leave the vehicle reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde's last ride.
  9. Taurus357

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    WOW... is that really the best option he could think of.
  10. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    I dunno... was a period at the end of a question the best option you could think of? :p

    The Grammar Phantom strikes again! Muah hahaha!
  11. There are some people that should not be allowed to own a firearm :shock:
  12. PrimalSeal

    PrimalSeal Well-Known Member

    And it's that kind of thinking that keeps the liberals awake at night scheming to take away ALL guns, not just the ones that deserve to own one.
  13. still, I would not feel comfortable with that guy living next door to me. I would feel the need to invest in bullet proof windows and walls :shock:
  14. PrimalSeal

    PrimalSeal Well-Known Member

    On that I agree with you 100%.
  15. If he got mad and shot the car up I could almost understand that. But to try and shoot the lug nut off? This guy doesnt need to be driving either LOL
  16. Ari

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    This made Paul Harvey today LOL
  17. bud

    bud Member

    Or a vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    " and he wasn't intoxicated,"

    that's the scary part
  19. elguapo

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    What a retard.

    I too have flung tools, beat sheetmetal, kicked objects out of frustration...but never took firearms against a car...