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    Good afternoon all. I bought a .40 at a gun show this past weekend. Yesterday I got to pick it up. This is my first new gun, but I have several others. I was just wondering if it matters much what ammo to shoot. Mostly I have milsurp and normally but surplus ammo. Thanks again for your time..
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    Avoid Wolf ammo especially with the lacquered case. Anything else should work fine. I would break it in with FMJ then try hollow-points if you want. I use FMJ for defense in everything except my .380acp. For me it's all about penetration. I try to be aware of possible collateral damage though especially with my 9mm since 9mm FMJ tends to over-penetrate. Why hollow-points in the .380acp then? They tend to ricochet less off the skull.

  3. I am not sure where you get your info from, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with Wolf. Do you realize that Wolf does not produce or import lacquered ammo at this time? The lacquer has not been an issue for quite a while as the company switched to a polymer. In fact it was proven that the lacquer issue was simply an internet myth anyway.

    "Wolf has stopped producing ammunition with a lacquer coating due to the internet myth: Wolf’s lacquer-coated steel casings sometimes bind in the chamber of a weapon when fired. This appears to be more of a problem with cartridges that have narrowly tapering walls such as .223 Remington than those with rather steep case walls such as 7.62x39. This has been proven false and the result of the binding is actually because the steel case does not obturate to form a good seal, leaking fouling gasses into the chamber of the weapon. This is especially noticeable in the .223 family of weapons when switching from wolf to a brass cased cartridge."

    As far as recommending FMJ for self defense in every caliber except .380, this is a very unwise suggestion. The only caliber that should be considered acceptable for self defense with a FMJ is the .45.

    All the data documented on this sight completely rejects your idea of Wolf ammo as well as a FMJ recommendation.

    I hope these links will help explain the information better:
  4. I do not have the .40, but I do have the .45 which is the same gun with a different barrel. My good friend has the .40. They will both eat most anything you throw through it. Winchester White Box and Wolf are excellent for target shooting. The only self defense ammo I would avoid is the Remington Golden Saber. The cone of the hollow point seem to short and it has trouble chambering. The Federal +P is awesome in these guns.
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    That seems totally backward. If you are worried about over penetration, you should use Hollow-points instead of FMJ. Since FMJ will penetrate further, but with a smaller wound chamber. That is why some folks say you should use FMJ for smaller calibers such as .380 as the hollow-points won't penetrate far enough to get to the vital organs. This is the way I understand it.
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    Sorry to have started something. Thanks all of you for the info
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  9. You didn't start anything. It's great that you came on in and I hope you love shooting your .40. This is a great place to learn more, and each of us learn new stuff all the time. Never stop learning or asking questions.
  10. Fair enough, but I think you get my point. I don't have nor will I rely on a .380 for self defense by choice.
  11. When I sent my .40 JCP in for service, the HP tech sent a note saying that Hi Point does not suggest the use of Wolf ammo.

    Its totally up to the user what they do with this information .

    I use Wolf, but do not get upset at the occasional jam.
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    I shoot mainly WWB in my JCP. 700+ rounds through with no problems