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New 40 Problems

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Just purchased a new 40 . On firing first 50 round box had several jams nose to low in to feeder.
Are magazine tabs to closed or to open. Must say on rounds put down range DEAD ON TARGET
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Hello Stalker, read up on how to polish the feed ramp in your 40 and also use round nosed bullets until it's broken in good. And i would think the ears were too close. JMO> Someone will tell ya that knows a heck more than me soon.
Polishing the feed ramp is an option! but I think you should just tap your magazine in the palm of your hand to seat the ammo and keep shooting for 2-3 hundred more rounds. It will get smother as you go! Your gonna love!! The .40 is my favorite!!
My last two .40 mags were too tight, I tweaked the mag lips out, and they are now feeding fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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