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  1. Always wanted a 44 mag and the wife let me pick one up at the gunshow last sunday.
    And here she is:

  2. AGuyNamedMike

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    Nice! I really dig the .44 Trackers. What kind of deal did you get?

  3. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest pretty...........pretty damn mean looking!

  4. Nice looking gun your got there!

    I would avoid using Cast Bullets in it though, the barrel ports have a tendency to lead up pretty fast when shooting cast bullets, even at low .44 Special velocities.
  5. $379 plus tax. He had it marked $399 and it was the end of the show, I was going back and forth between this one and a Tracker 357 so he went down 20 bucks.
    While I was filling out the paperwork my wife found an older Taurus 357 for $250 and I almost bought it too.
    I'm saving my money for an AR though...
  6. Dang! She's beautiful!!! Enjoy!!!