New 45 Carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Cherokee7, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Cherokee7

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    8) any one have a picture of the new 45 yet?
  2. GlockMan had some posted on the other forum, I don't know if he's still got them hanging around or not?

    Gman? Any photos of the 4595 still out there?

  3. AndrewST

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    Yea, would be nice to see some photos. Haven't heard a lot of updates on the carbine yet, although I haven't been online that much the more recent months.

    Any ETA on when it will be out?
  4. GlockMan

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    The source of the pictures went down and I will ask the owner to send me a copy of the photo's.
  5. HPHooked

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    From what I remember seeing, think the 4095 on mild steroids. The barrel was about the same length but of larger caliber obviously. What impressed me was the accuracy of the beast with all loads from 185 gr to 230 gr bullets. :shock:
  6. I had aimed to save those to the HD but we all do things that don't work .That was one of them.
    Sure would be nice to compair those to what the sale guns will do. I'll bet thay will be about the same.
  7. HPHooked

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    Anybody heard from HP995 on this (or anything) lately?????
  8. GlockMan

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    Most likely Next Years Shot Show as they are still working on a New Stock for the carbine. The Gun itself is said to be finished we are just waiting on a new stock and probability tooling to mass produce the thing.
  9. Speaking of HP995, has he been notified of the new forum? Kinda miss that guy popping in from time to time.
  10. elguapo

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    That, and Haskell Mfg, about that JHP issue...that was cool!
  11. 1motion

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    new stock

    hello long lost shooters, this is my fist post on the new site.....

    so whats this about a new stock glockman? is it just to fit the .45 or will it look completly different from the current carbines
  12. BFT!

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  13. The .45 carbine, is a unicorn. It doesn't really exist. Thats my theory anyways.
  14. Ari

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    No unicorns are real! It is Santa that does really exist.. :wink:
  15. HPHooked

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  16. jason865

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    That just proves that one of them exist, you would have better luck holding out for the unicorn.
  17. Come on guys, have a little bit of faith. I have also seen the pics posted by GlockMan, and I believe. Why can't you? :roll:
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    Hahaha, That was funny.
  20. BFT!

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    The way my years been going. Sex for me is like the holidays..... once a year.