New .45 handgun.

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    So I went gun shopping with a friend last week. He was in the market foe a decent .45 and wanted me to check it out. It was in Llama IXA and was in great shape and a great price so I agreed and he bought it. While we were waiting on the background check I seen that they had a 4595TS. He asked me about it and I told him It Was a great gun and I love he bought that too and when we took them to the range he was sold on both.
    3 days later h went back to the shop because he had seen 2 hi point .45 handguns when we were there. Now he had asked me about them and i gave him my opinion which most of you will call me Satan for....I told him I don't like them. I TOLD him I thought they were to heavy, to boxy and seem to have feed issues unless you want to work on your brand new gun and polish the feed ramps and God knows what else( I know most of you are calling me names). I also told him if bought them that there is a good forum with lots of knowledgeable point owners for help. I do not think they are junk I just don't like the design. Anyways, he went and bought.........both of them,took them home, cleaned them oiled them and went to the range. He had major feed issues with both. When the round did chamber it wouldn't eject. Now he is discouraged about the purchase.
    I did not say I TOLD you so.......I told him to have faith and told him to join the hi point groups and see what the issues could be before he gets upset. He knows I'm not say fan but its not my gun. He loves the feel and hopefully ya'll will help a brother out and welcome him to the family.
  2. Dang, that's too bad for him. I love my JHP45, it runs perfectly, and seems to Love WinWhiteBox! Hope it works out for him!

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    That's really odd. The .45 is the one HP that never seems to have issues.

    My guess is limp wristing is causing his problems. Get a hogue grip, hold the gun tighter so it doesn't recoil so much, and all the symptoms you describe should go away.
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    i find it quite odd that BOTH would have feed issues considering that the JHP is one of the most reliable of HPs guns. Mine has not had a failure of any sort yet and not many around here report problems with that particular gun. my guess is to check the springs to see if they are in correctly. i suppose it's possible that these 2 guns may have come from the same run and may have the problems which might be assembly errors. you might also check to see if the followers are sticking and are free of plastic burrs and such.
  5. I love my JHP.. has been great on the range and as my ccw....
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    check magazines, a lot of them come from the factory with the ears too close together, a round shud slide in smoothly, if you have to "snap" it in place then you'll have problems
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    Well, did he join here? ;)