New 45 jamming

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    my new hi point 45 is jamming every couple of rounds,tried six diffrent clips,4 types of ammo,polished the feed ramp,modified the clips to be tight,still nothing helps.the bullet (on a jam)is pointed up,shell is down pos.looks like its jumping out of the clip and not is clearing the spent case but during reloading jams.ive tried this hot and cold to see if that may cause this but same results.Im ready to sell.need help????
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    Make sure you are holding it firmly, to avoid "limpwristing". If that doesn't work, you might have to send it in to Haskell Mfg. They will take good care of you, in a very timely manner.

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    Call HiPoint... They will help you. Others who have the 45 will pipe in and offer some help too..
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    I'm a little surprised. My .45 is much more reliable than my C9. It sounds like the little lips or fingers on the very top/front of the magazines needs to be tightened a little bit. That keeps the nose from popping up past the chamber. The chamber area of the slide is so roomy that it will jam if the tip of the round pops up.

    If that doesn't work, send it to Haskell. They do really good work there. I did have to send mine in for a last round hold open problem and I got a completely new gun back. The frame was new because I recognized some of the old scratches and molding marks were gone or in different places than before. They just chipped out my old serial number and inserted into the new frame. The slide was also new. It worked great when I got it back and they gave me a free mag for my troubles.

    Call them before shipping so they can tell you how to do it for cheap. You may even be able to talk them in to having it picked up free of charge. Probably the best thing about Hi-Point is the customer service. The guns are pretty good too.

    Good Luck, happy holidays!
  5. Limpwristing would be my first guess, if you are not used to this type of pistol it takes a little getting used to it,

    I have the .40 and .45 pistols and had to adjust my shooting style a little.

    If you do decide to sell, post it here in the trading forum and see if anyone here wants another pistol in their collection.

    By the way, welcome to the forum, wish it was under better circumstances
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    i would call up hi point.... i have 1000+ rounds through my .45 and havent had any problems so i would say there is definatly something going on.

    call them up and if they cant point out the problem over the phone they will definatly take care of you. while the .45 may be a little bulky for ccw its a good shooting accurate gun so dont give up on it.
  7. As soon as the slide starts stripping a round from the mag it will jump nose high if the front lips are a little too wide. Had this problem on some .22 mags a couple years back and once I tweaked the front lips a bit, tightened them up, and the nose high jams stopped and proper feeding started.

    Try that and if it does not solve your issues call Beemiller.
  8. I would suggest seeing if maybe you are limpwristing before you start adjusting mag lips.

    It would be my first place in troubleshooting
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    will its not my wrist or shooting style,have been shooting for 30yrs plus,full auto,semi auto's.I moved the ears in to make them tight but not locking it up same problem.this is were i work if you get a chance look it up or come other 45s never had a problem,my hi point 9mm works great.i think its just a bad one in the bunch.i not new to guns or shooting.and you have a great info glad to be a member,thanks your Lt.
  10. It may be time to give Hi Point a call. Or go to the dealer that you bought it from and let them deal with it.

    With limpwristing eliminated, and I see you mentioned that you have more than one mag so that probably rules them out, you have mentioned polishing the feed ramp...... are you shooting ball ammo or JHP's?

    Some of the pistols just have to be shot a bit for them to break in, its a PITA to go though, but it does work sometimes.

    How many rounds have you put through it?
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    Ive put 300+ rounds though it.and hp for me.its only 200.00 for a new one.i might go get another one next week.i dont think it would be worth it to send off and pay to get it fixed.
  12. If you send it off, you don't have to pay for anything except shipping. It's something to consider.
  13. unscarred

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    You only pay shipping to them. Maybe $10-$15. And they offset that with a free mag for your shipping cost. They will make it right. They want to make sure the customer is happy. Quick turnaround also.
  14. Mine had that problem at first, but it was due to the way I was holding it, but I also polished the feed ramp. No problems since.
  15. who has the number handy for who he needs to call about sending it back?

    I had to reformat my PC and things are a mess for me right now
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    I know you've shot for 30 years, but other firearms you can limpwrist, this one you cannot. So make sure you keep your wrist stiff, to keep it from bucking, which leads to it jamming.

    Or, if you just want to send it in, go to there website, call em, and tell them the problem.
  17. unscarred

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    Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Bluelick Rd.
    Lima, Ohio 45801
    (419) 225-8297
  18. unscarred

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    +1 on this. Let a couple other people try it out. If the same jam occurs. Send it in.