New .45 , new member , paint inside bore ?

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  1. Hello all , long time lurker , first time poster. I finally got a JHP today and while checking it out I found what looks like paint or some type of coating inside the barrell. It is flaking in spots so I ran a brush through it a couple of times but it is pretty stubborn. Im not sure what it is but the gun is supposed to be new. looks new. I decided to put a round through it to see if it would clean up but it pretty much looks the same. I just dont want to mess up the bore or get a bullet lodged in the bore. Should i call hi-point or is this just a coating in new guns ? thanks
  2. Welcome to the forum, your case is a first to me, it is possible I suppose that a barrel got painted on the inside by mistake when they were painting the outside.

    If you already put a round through it and it fired ok I personally would not worry about it. Get some Hopes number 9 or some other bore cleaner and scrub the bore good with a copper brush and see if it cleans up

    Good Luck!

  3. Ari

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    First one for me too.. Inside? Hummmm I sure wish I could see that... Any chance of some photos? Call Hi-Point it wont hurt to call them, but it does not sound like it is any big deal if it shot ok.
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    As owner of two JHPs....paint INSIDE?

    Pics would be great...
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    JHP owner here too.... never seen or heard of this before, i would call hi point
  6. First tim hearing of paint on the inside. Call Hi-point, I'm sure you'll get a ne barrel if needed.
  7. As long as the inside of the barrel doesnt have any pits and the rifling looks ok, I would give it a thourogh cleaning and not worry about it.

    Thats just me though