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  1. I bought my first Hi Point product on Friday. I was flipping between the .40 and .45, both used. Went for the .45 because it's one caliber I had yet to add to my modest collection. It didn't come with any of the original accessories or box, just an aftermarket grip wrap and one mag. So far I've invested in another mag and have a holster on order. It looks mechanically sound, with little wear. I'm excited to get it to the range. I'm sure that browsing these threads will result in long nights of little sleep.

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    Welcome to the forum!.... Glad to have you. The JHPs seem to be the best behaved of the group, so let her loose on the range, and get back with the results!


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    Mom usually has the best mag prices. Enjoy! Next you'll need a carbine of any of the calibers shop hard!

    Welcome to the site! :)
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    NE Utah
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    Welcome to the Best Forum on the Internet!

    Ask any question and someone should be able to give You an answer.
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    Uniq, you'll love your JHP 45. I have one and often have to stop shooting and just look the JHP straight in the eye and ask "do you have a brain and are you somehow aiming yourself?" LSS, the JHP is phenomenally accurate like it aims itself. It's no real challenge to shoot one hole with 9 rounds at about 50 ft. That said, enjoy and welcome to the forum!
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    PS - I have a 1911 standard length 45 and would pick the JHP as a concealed carry gun any day of the week.
  8. Thanks for all the comments! I finally got the holster, plus another mag and plan to get some range time soon!
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    Yeppers, hit MOM and get some more mags. Invest in a .45ACP reloading kit (150.00 tops from Midway and you'll be up and running, moulds, dies and press) and put some rounds down range.

    Everyone makes fun of my HPs, until they shoot them...then they want one.
  10. I finally got some time to take my JHP to the range this morning. Being the cheapskate that I am, I ran it with some Perfecta first just to get a feel for the recoil and get used to bringing the pistol up on target. Zero cycling problems, and the mags fed fine. It feels solid in my hands, and even shooting off hand felt good. Somehow I like the "thump" of the .45 ACP compared to the "pop" of the 9mm.

    The only issue is my aim - patterning well over 8 inches at 7 yards, particularly hitting low of aim point. I checked my grip and even one-eyed my aim to be sure. I even tried adjusting the sights and I still hit low. I suppose it could have been the ammo. I sacrificed a few Winchester Silver Tips and shots seemed to tighten up a bit. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it...

    I've shot a lot of hand guns in many calibers, but didn't expect to have such wide patterns with this one. Maybe it's because I don't normally shoot such a top-heavy pistol :) Either way, I like the JHP and will continue to use it!
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    Good choice on the JHP. This is far from an original thought, but now you need to get a 4595TS to go with it.
  12. Congratulations on a great gun!! Like think1st said u NEED to get a carbine if u think the pistol is fun ul fall in love with the 4595ts!!! I like my c9 but cherish my 995!!! Got a jcp40 a week ago so next is the 4095!
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    You had better SLOOW down there!
    You may acquire the nick name of being a Hi Point JUNKIE?
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    If any of you guys do become addicted to HP's, as a cure for addiction just send them all to me.
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    jperkeyhipointlover, I had an issue with my factory sights not holding zero. I dropped $40 on the Mahan rear sight and it took care of that problem. Plastic sights can be problematic.
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    I am a little leery of shooting my c9 since I put the ghost sight on it - it shot so well before, but I am afraid I didn't get it lined up right and will have problems getting it sighted in again. Hopefully will get to go to the range in the next couple of weeks and find out.
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    I can't hit the inside of a barn with 'ghost sights'.

    Let me get my regular sights back on my JHP and I'll go to town.

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    Yeah, having my doubts about them, but I will give them a try first.
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    Yeah- their on the wishlist.