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  1. Hi folks: Just want to give a report on my new (out of the box), 4595TS. To put it short: Love this gun! And especially after reading the post by ChasRob (4595 Iron Sights) on 10/11, I felt I needed to step up and show how great these guns are. I know that there are issues with all mass produced items, but there was indeed some very weird things going on there. I apologize for taking so long, had some medical issues that put some roadblocks on my time.

    Anyhow, first picture below: 50' (the range in which I will be employing it, if I ever need to, for HD). Out of the box, on a bench rest, no adjustment to sights. Targets are wrinkled 'cause it was a rainy day. Two full magazines of American Eagle, 230 grn FMJ ball. Only hit in the bull was due to a "hiccup" from a back spasm. But I was delighted with the results.


    Now, below,same ammo, plus some Blazer, also 230gr FMJ ball. The 5 rounds outside of the big group are my last shots before adjusting my front sight as well as the rear to get the "Bingo". As soon as that was accomplished, what followed up was 3 full magazines to make the big hole.


    I wish I had a video of what happened a bit later: one of those bright yellow target balls, skipping merrily down the road, being hit with each and every round by ten shots. And it ended up a heck of lot further away than a hundred feet. But you'll have to take my word for it. I did have a witness, and the look on his face said it all. What a great feeling. Said it before: I love this gun.

    I also ran 4 magazines of some reloads to see if the gun liked'em. 230 grn Hi-Tek coated LRN, with Unique. Excellent.

    Function wise, the only problem identified itself very quickly. An extra magazine I bought at the same time I picked up the gun, had a very nasty habit of causing an FTL, and always when loading the next to last round. Not every time, but perhaps 4 to 5 times, (way too many for me), out of the entire session. Sent it back to the store, and already refunded. The other mag is stellar.

    Well folks, there it is. Another Happy Hi-Pointer.

    Inscribed on the blade of a conquistador's sword found in the southwestern desert many years ago: "Draw me not without reason--Sheath me not without honor". It's center target how much this sage advice still carries great wisdom.

    Adios for now. Stay safe folks, and watch your six. They're in through the wire.
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    Great report! And really love those last two paragraphs - lot of wisdom there.

  3. great job on the shooting and getting the 4595ts..
    you will love it and i will too when i get mine
    out of layaway in nov/3rd/2015...

    stay sharp, stay behind trees and watch-out for those bears...:rofl:
  4. Thanks folks! I was truly impressed with the consistency of the round strikes once I had it in the zone. Glad to be a part of the community.

    “Cognito ergo armatum sum”.. I think, therefore I am armed
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    Cool! Good shootin'.

    I, too, recently tried out a new 4595TS. I, too, had to seriously adjust the iron sights like chasrob. Before I took it out I stripped and cleaned it, as one should. It was dirty, more than just a round or two to show it all worked properly. I can only guess as to the reason.

    Anyway, it shot just fine after adjusting the sights, although I didn't do as well as you. Then I accessorized: Slapped a compensator, forward grip, magazine holders, Sightmark Ultra shot Z series dot sight and a UTG flashlight/laser combo on it. Got everything lined up after finally turning the adjustments the correct way enough times. D'oh!

    Had it out 3 or 4 times now, all using 230 grain hardball (American Eagle and Blazer Brass), total of 250 - 300 rounds. Shoots very well, no failures to feed, fire or eject. A couple times the bolt did not hold open after the last round - one mag is suspect.

    One thing I like about the 4595 more than the 995 is the mags set in firmly and easily. I have to keep checking the 995 to make sure the mags are locked in; more than once a mag I *thought* was locked in has dropped out. Still, I have shot better groups with the 995 (2" - 3" groups at 50 yards). I need to keep shooting the 4595 to get better with it. Dang! Just what I need! An excuse to go to the range! :rolleyes:
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    The only HP Carbine I have not shot yet, the...


    I own all 3 currently produced carbines, need to run that 4595!
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    Took my new (Thanks Santa) 4595 to the range last week for an initial outing. My failing eyes could not cope with the iron sights on the gun at the gun store so I ordered a red dot, and promptly put it on. It was pretty close @ 50 yds in deflection so moved the windage in a couple steps. easy 2-3 inch group. A better shooter would do much better, but I'm a duffer. All was American Eagle ball ammo. Tried some cheap gun show reloads too. All went well. Next will be various jacketed hollow points which will be the "duty" HD ammo.

    My wife, who really doesn't like guns, but does fairly well with her Glock 19, really enjoyed shooting it. She's a lefty, but has a hard time pulling the operating handle rearward to get things started--even when it is shifted to her side. We'll work on that as it is an easy swap at the range.

    So far, really like the gun.
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    Santa needs to bring an enhanced charging handle for your hp carbine. :)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    That's some good shootin'!
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    Will that handle only work on the 995 or will it work with the other carbines as well?
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    It's the best gun forum on the interwebZ! HPFF

    No, it does not, unless you modify the receiver cover to fit :(