New 91/30!!! Its Primals fault!!!

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  1. So I head to NM today and stop by a Big 5. I see they have A ok looking MN 91/30. He says he has 4 in the back as well.... So out they come with a call to Primal as I dont really know alot about them.

    Long story shot I end up with a 1943 that has all matching numbers with a bore that is in really good shape!!!!! Also got the Oil can, Sling, Bayonett, Ammo pouches, And mis. tools. $96.40 OTD.

    Here is the Porn.

  2. Man looks like a good gun at a good price

  3. Ari

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    Very nice... The stock looks nice too. Remember that stock is in shellac. It is real easy to work with.
  4. Of course it's Primal's fault. I blame everything from my drinking habit to nuclear proliferation on him. Makes life so much easier :)
  5. Hey, blame that on me all you want, that's a FINE lookin rifle right there my friend. Congrats!
  6. Nice, gun porn :twisted: lol.
  7. Nice. I want to get another mosin one of these days.

    I want to get a really nice 91/30 with the bayonet, mine doesn't have one.
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    that stock is BEAUTIFUL.

    now you say matching numbers... i thought mine was matching as well.. until i took it out of the stock and looked on the bottom of the barrel and noticed it was 6 years older than the receiver.

    did you guys check that as well?
  9. Primal is a bad influence.
    Gotta watch that guy or he'll have you buying AR's n 1911's and a pair of contacts to change the color of one of your eyes.
  10. Wow! That is some looker right there. Nice!

    Anyone see the current issue of Shot Gun New the guy has a How To article on sporterizing a MN? I read a little of it thinking I'd like to modify mine but my mind may have changed some.
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  12. A lot of them have been "forced matched" where the refinishing arsenal would take random parts, and either with an electric pencil (easy to detect) or with punches, make all of the major numbers match

    Sometimes you have to look at the numbers and see if they were punched with the same type punches, or if there are differences in the shape of the numbers, which may indicate forced matching of the numbers.

    My personal guess is that original MN's with all parts/numbers ACTUALLY matching (NOT forced matched) rifles are more scarce than we think.

    BTW, make sure to have the head space checked, its probably fine but better safe than sorry.

    Nice rifle!
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    So Primal's responsible for all the MN's and AR's being purchased and I get the heat for SKS rifles?

    Ya should of listened to your mother and think for yourself! That way you guys would've bought these deals earlier :p

    Very fine rifle there btw. I think I've got my soon to be brother-in-law wanting a MN. He shot my sis's Enfield and enjoyed it. Almost got him to buy a Hi-Point, but it really didn't fit his stubby Gorilla fingers :? He's looking at a full frame Baretta 9mm.
  15. Yep, Neo is another bad influence. Listen to him n you'll be driving a lorry in a traveling theater and have an SKS mounted in the window.

    N these guys are mods? 8)
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    I think Neo should mount a gun rack on one of those scooters he tools around
  17. Oh the humility of it all....
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    Heh, don't need one. Just ask ElGuapo: I just strap 'em to the back rack of my Vespa :twisted:
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    yeah but it would be cool to see that kind of thing on a little bike like that...that or get you a saddle holster.. heh heh.
  20. I just got my first M/N last month and my stock was nowhere near as nice as that. It is now that I have refinished it, but you got a great deal.