New 91/30!!!!

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  1. Just got my first 91/30... bolts a lil' sticky, but otherwise I love this thing. I'm hooked on Russian MilSurp... my fascination has become an addiction. Damn webcam's broken now, but I'll get pics ASAP. Hopefully someone at the range tomorrow will have one. Now to get stripper clips, AP ammo, and some other cool bling things that I won't need lol.
  2. Ok, here's what my research turned up:

    Manufactured: 1942

    Other markings: Izhevsk Post 1928 barrel shank
    "T" in a diamond (looks kinda like a Tikkakoski, but those markings are usually in a triangle), "C" in a square with rounded corners (perhaps the Century Arms import mark?), a triangle in a circle (again, looks like a Tikkakoski mark, but not sure). The "T" also looks similar to the Tula markings... anyone with knowledge who wants to shed light on this would be appreciated :). I'm probably way off on some (or all), but for now this is what I can determine.

  3. Thank you much! It's actually a post-1938 mark, and I'm right now working on the other marks (most of them import marks, from what I can tell).
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    No Problem. Happy to help.
    I have 9 MN's myself.
    They are great fun!
    Be safe.
  5. I am currently in the market for an M38. SOG has them for $79.00.