New 995 Don't Run So Good

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by SEN-5241, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, picked up a new 995 and I was super excited about it.
    Before I took it to the range I did take it apart, tried to polish the feed ramp a bit and smooth out the trigger pull a little, and I did leave the mags loaded for a few months to relax the springs a bit. These are all things I had to do to get my C9 running reliably.
    But the reliability on my 995 has not been good. I can't get through a full mag without a bullet going nose up instead of going into the chamber. Perhaps it's my imagination, but it feels like the top of the mag is seated too low for rounds to go reliably into the chamber.
    Does anyone have a suggestion?
  2. cicpup

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    So before you shot it you fucked with it because you had to in order for it to run right even though you have no fucking idea how it ran before you fucked with it? Do i have that correct?
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  3. Just wow. Since there's no telling how many things you've already screwed up, I'd say send it back to the factory. The under $20 shipping cost can be your penance.
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    The first thing i did with my 995ts was load it and shoot it. Shot it about a 1000 times before i even took anything apart and cleaned it and that's about 1000 rds earlier than I should have.
    Your problem is probably the feed lips on the magazines. Are you smacking the mags after you load em to seat the rounds and align them correctly. Are you shooting 115gr round nose fmj's? Sometimes hollow points dont run so great till your gun is broke in. I'd start with the mags.
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  5. You know I was thinking the same thing about the feed lips. I did have to mess around with mine on my c9 also.
    And yes I’ve just been shooing 115 fmf.
    I haven’t been here in a while. I remember everyone being very friendly and helpful like you. It does appear things have gone downhill a bit.
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  6. Well if you consider polishing a feed ramp of a hi point causing irreparable damage, then you got me officer.
    Folks in this forum used to be quite friendly and helpful. Too bad it’s not that way anymore.
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  7. Do you find you catch a lot of flies with that honey?
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    We've seen a lot of senseless hatchet jobs over the years, and Cic has always been an ass.
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    Some folks have the ability to ruin a perfectly good forum.
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    With all your posting thanks for the contribution.
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    Just looking for clarification.
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    There, corrected it for you at no charge.

    The message stays the same, different delivery.
    You’ve introduced a couple of additional variables which will be virtually impossible for us to troubleshoot for you.

    The message of this forum has always been SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER....not fix first ask questions later.
    Especially dodgy “fixes” from YT experts.
    Guns are made with certain tolerances and you may just have made enough alterations for the gun to no longer reliably work.
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    How about some pictures of the loaded mag (s) and mag installed in the rifle.
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    If anyone thinks this forum is bad,you know what really sucks, I live in the same state as Moonzie:stir:
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    So, when I get up to 10,000+ postings, I too can be a horse's hind-end toward people who are foolish enough to come here and ask for insights from people with supposedly more experience?
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    NE Utah
    No, you can start right now, we aren’t elitist like that.
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  18. LenC

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    Or you could stop whining. Just a thought.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Damn! The 995TS is super reliable. You may have messed it up. We're friendly. We'll also cut your nuts off for any y-toob tech.