New 995 - Front sight block replacement?

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  1. OK, I just got my first shiny NIB 995, which came with the stock mag pouch thing (not impressed), 3 mags (am impressed) and the scope rail.

    I've already popped the rail on (me and iron sights don't mix) with the intention of putting either my Holosight or my cheapy BSA red-dot on there. I've taken the element out of the front sight as it was in the way and I would have taken the whole front sight assembly off but it seems to be holding the barrel shroud on.

    What I want to do is remove the front sight totally but keep using the original factory barrel shroud (it fits my shoulder so nicely!). Does anyone know which of the marketed muzzle attachments is going to hold it on for me after I remove the front sight block?
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    I can't make mine go up! :p

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    I dont think any of the barrel shrouds available are wide enough to hold that heatshield the front sight base has two cutouts for the pins in the heatshield...what I did was just remove the front sight and leave the block until I ATI'd my 995...
  4. That's what I've done, but I can still see the base a little through the Holosight.... Guess I'll have to get -another- 995 block and cut it down to just a heat shield retainer. I already cut two down for my SKS sight mod, so I know how tough that sintered metal can be to grind!
  5. I can probably make you something that will work...let me give it a shot and I'll post some pics.
  6. I took one of my front sight bases, rotated it so it was pointing down, and make the little notch that the front of the heat shield sticks into with a dremmel.

    Its out of your eyesight and takes all of 5 minutes to do.
  7. You sir are a bloody genius!

    Bushman, I'd still be curious to see what you come up with, I can't be the only one wanting a "clean" muzzle end and the heat shield. Come to think of it, if it protected the muzzle from dings that would be nice too, the crown on the 995 is shallow as can be.
  8. Well, it could be something as simple as this:


    I'll make one this weekend if I find the time.
  9. Yup, that would do the job nicely :)
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    Couple of questions, homie: You are talking about the "Barrel shroud/Front sight" right? (I wont go into the whole "barrel shroud thingie that goes up" here)

    Then you make mention of a Red Dot sight, afixed on top of the 995?
    Fine, it is your carbine to do with as you will.
    Couple of observations: taking away the original sights, and relying upon any sight, I wouldnt do it. I am talking about battery power, how long is it going to last?

    Yes, I have a Red Dot on one of my firearms, and yes, makes target aquisition alot easier. Would I rely upon it? Nope: Having Iron sights on anything is the base level of sight/targeting. Take that away...what have you got?

    Just my opinion, amigo.
  11. Well, batteries have an amazing ability to be replaced, so I'm not worrying too much about the life of each one I pick up for about a buck. This isn't for SHTF and it isn't a primary HD firearm (that's my nice neolithic Mossberg 500, with no batteries at all) and my eyesight hates iron sights. I'd rather change out a battery now and then than miss everything I shoot at. Personally I've found red-dots with/without batteries to be more reliable than my ability to make shots under stress with iron sights, so even if this was purely for HD it would still have the red-dot, it would just be higher quality like an Aimpoint.

    I figure the global and US armed forces might be onto something with their extensive use of sighting devices other than iron sights, so I figured I'd hop on their bandwagon :) If the rail was long enough I'd surely put some BUIS's on there, but it ain't right now and I don't feel like going ATI just to let me use the full length rail.

    And yes, I'm talking about removing the front sight and replacing it with something that takes over its function of holding on the pierced metal barrel shroud. As I already had to remove the rear sight to put the rail on, the front one is a little redundant right now.
  12. Well, here you are:



    Seems to work. I fit tight on the barrel and captured the heat shield.
  13. Freakin' schweet!

    PM me a price and if you take Payal, I'll send it right over (within reason of course :) )
  14. Yeah, that's a winner, all right! Just checking: is the thickness/depth/whatever (the amount of barrel covered) the same as the original sight? You have a pic on that shows the #1 flash hider (I think) snug up against the factory sight, and if this fills the same gap, that's great.
  15. I'd like one as well, I'm one of those who have removed the front sight but left the base. Please post price and ordering info.
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    Put me in for one.
  17. The thickness is about 5/16", but that can vary... wanted to make as thin as possible without the cut showing on the other side. I can actually cut it even thinner but it was a prototype.

    I'm sending this one to NC for him to check it out. I'll make some more once his review is in.
  18. Don't worry folks, I'll be quick and post about it as soon as I get it!
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    Hurry I got a $15 worth of pennies to spend.