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been lurking for a few days now..

just thought i would say hello to everyone and introduce myself

maybe even ask a couple questions :wink:

Picking up one of these neat little carbines from a good friend of mine who just bought one himself.. he happens to be able to get me a deal on one as well - and after coming here for the past few days and lurking about , ive decided to go for it

feels like im getting a steal at $150

riffle has the factory stock and iron sights, also looks like one or two mags will be coming with it..

cant believe how excited i am about getting this little joker!

i grew up around guns , hunting and all that.. actually had a nice sized gun collection as a young man.. one day i woke up and had to go to court with an ex for a custody battle - sold every weapon i had except the shotgun my uncle left to me - to help pay for a lawyer.

well, i won the custody hearing. i have had the kids for 11 years now , married to a wonderful woman and had two more.. just now decided to start rebuilding the gun collection id sold so many years ago.

its been eleven years now , to be exact..

when i first looked at the riffle my friend had picked up , the immediate comparison i made was to the tec-9's and cobray mac 11's i owned years back.. despite their bad rep with some people , they were alot of fun to shoot and pretty reliable if you spent some time tuning the lips of your magazines - once they were dialed it , i could feed cheapo ammo through them all day long and very rarely ever have a hang up..

anyway, from what ive read here , and simple observations ive made about my friends hi point carbine - im convinced the hi point will prove itself to be a better design and a more practical shooter than either the tec or cobray..

i will be using this gun for plinking targets with my son, and for a "bump in the night" gun.. i run my own business , have gone out in the middle of the night a few times in my underwear with nothing but a maglite to check on my equipment after hearing noise outdoors..

we also have some atv's and dirtbikes in the barn as well , so i have a little motivation for picking up this hi point other than just plinking the critters getting into my trash or spending quality time with my son..

ok , life story done.. some questions !

im thinking about adding a tactical front grip , laser sight , and red dot scope

so , for you 995 owners out there who have done similar mods to your carbines...

i have never owned any kind of laser sight/pointer.. or a red dot scope.

1) what kind of range/ visibility does an average quality laser typically have in daylight? outdoors? indoors? ( umm - can you see it at all?)

2) what kind of range/ visibility does the typical laser have at night? ( is it practical for defense in low light conditions? or more of a toy/novelty?)

based on your own personal experience with how the hi point handles and performs...

3) would most of you recomend a red dot 'halo' style sight without any magnification.. or a 4x magnification red dot scope? ( keep in mind.. this little carbine will be strictly for daytime fun with the kid and night time boogieman applications :lol: )

i dont plan on using the ATI stock, i think the factory set up is plenty practical (and unique and cool lookin too! )

4) with a seam on the bottom of the plastic forestock that runs all the way down the middle , what is the general consensus around here on the best way to attatch 'tactical rails' to the bottom of the factory front forestock for mounting a front grip / laser ?

of course , i have my own ideas on how to go about all of this.. but i know that it never hurts to learn from somebody with experience.. so just thought i would ask.

and as a wise old chinaman once said..

" if you would shut your mouth and listen, you might learn something!you 'know it all' young little turd!

well , was something like that.. :lol:

glad to have found this place , seems like a great group of people here that are willing to share knowledge and help each other out

very happy to have stumbled on such a neat little riffle too..

thanks for all the information you guys have posted on here, has been a real hoot reading all these threads!

and thanks in advance for sharing any experiences , opinions, or ideas with regards to what i have posted here...


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I have the ATI laser. It realy does not work in full day light. It works well inside and in low light outside. It does add the cool factor! I put a red dot on top of mine 30x2. I do like the Halo sights. I do not have one. I put mine in the ATI stock. It gave it a more sturdy feel. It also added a little weight. Here is a pic of the gun and a 50 yard target. I hope you enjoy your also.



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First off, welcome to the HPFF and early congrats on the HiPoint Carbine!

I have the 9mm 995 and absolutely love the little carbine. I kept mine in the factory stock and added a low power optical scope via see thru mounts. This allows me to use the scope during the day and still be able to point shoot in low light with the front sight installed.

Beemiller sells a Beam Shot Laser that attached to the Carbine Compensator via a 3/4" accessory ring. I have no idea how well this setup works though because I do not have it. You can order all this directly from Beemiller Inc (makers of HiPoint firearms) for $72 according to my parts catalog. As far as the pistol grip, no idea how well it would work on the factory stock, but if you are handy with doing mods I am sure you could do it. I am not a fan of forward grips on long guns, my preference, but others love them.

I hope you enjoy the forum because this is one of the friendliest gun/shooting forums on the net.

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Welcome Daytona!
For mounting a laser and/or tac light to the factory stock, you might be better off doing it on the sides of the forestock, unless you get the factory laser rig. A few guys here have gone that direction, and run screws throughshort rails and the stock with a nut inside.
I couldn't find the factory stock pics, but here's the same idea on Newskate9s ATI.
I guess a barrel mounted quad rail would work too, but you'd have to do some stock surgery to make room for it.
I Know someone had a vert grip on the factory stock, but it might have been on the old forum. IIRC, he made a support plate for the inside of the stock, and ran the rail screws through the plate.
Good luck with whatever you decide on doing, and keep us updated!

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newbie 995 moodifications

thanks for the warm welcome fellas..

looks like uncle rob already built my gun!

well , close to it. i broke out the crayons and sketched out what kind of set up i am looking to put together.. my drafting skills ( lack of!) arent the greatest, so get ready for some chuckles!


but , it helps get the idea across..

besides enhancing ergonomics and control, i like the idea of a front grip for a couple reasons.. with the tactical grip in place, im going to mount a laser in such a manner that will allow me to activate the laser with my thumb while still grasping the front grip. i will be able to operate the laser 100% of the time without ever having to compromise my ability to fire the weapon - and this eliminates the need for any wires or cords

i have done quite a bit of sheet metal fabrication as part of my job ( one of my jobs) so i will be able to produce some professional quality magazine extensions for the factory 995 clips. my goal is to have an 18 to 20 round extended magazine that uses the factory clip for locking into the carbine, and the factory follower / magazine lips for feeding rounds into the chamber. i will use relatively heavy sheet metal for the bodies of the extensions, and the joint where the magazine extension is mated to the factory clip will also be sleeved with the heavier sheet metal, to ensure that the extended magazines can stand up to any incidental contact they might see while in service.

which brings me to another reason i like the idea of the tactical grip..

with an extended magazine protruding from the bottom of the rear grip.. having a grip mounted up front will visually balance the lines of the weapon and keep the riffle looking aesthetically pleasing. i think an extended magazine sticking out of the bottom of the rear handle without a tactical front grip being mounted will make the gun look akward and unbalanced..

i decided that i am going to set up my carbine with a 2x magnification red dot scope , with see through mounts that will still allow me to use the iron sights.

The scope i am looking at right now has the standard cross hair presentation, but with the option of bringing up an illuminated red dot reticle with the push of a button. i really like this idea, dead batterys at the shooting range suck. but they suck even more when your 20 miles from home and 2 miles out into the field

also , im not particularly thrilled with the factory iron sights.. which is one detail that im still exploring options on. modified iron sights , or aftermarket iron sights to replace the factory set up.. anybody have something they can recommend? any suggestions?

who knows.. maybe the factory sights will grow on me

anyway.. as much as i like the carbine uncle rob posted on here , and the impressive testimonial for the 995's plinking abilities that Aries contributed.. you guys provided some really great info and advice here, really have helped me nail down exactly what i want to do with my 995 without wasting any time or money experimenting with different set ups

much appreciated!

keep the comments , info, and opinions coming!

thanks a bunch fellas.. Allen

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The Laser and flashlight on my 995 are controlled by individual switches built into the rear of the light bodies and very easily activated with my finger without letting go of the fwd grip. Plus, the entire light assembly can be removed or installed from the rail in seconds. No wires. (although it also comes with the remote options in the pkg).
Get it here:
Glad we could help, and welcome to the forum.

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uncle rob..

just checked out the link you posted, the laser/flashlight combo with switches located on the body is just what i was looking for.

thanks for throwing that one out there for me , they will be going on my riffle!


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With the ATI stock the carbine barely recoils at all, since I have the Laser a front grip would only get in the way and be pretty much unnecessary.I have the red dot but use it mostly for target aquisition, or turn it on in bright sunlight when ther laser is not visible.
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