New 995 owner...with problems.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Mikinbin, Dec 12, 2007.

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    Hello guys... just joined up last night, but I've been reading all your posts for awhile- very informative. Anyhow, I bought myself a new 995 and after checking the operation a few times (cocking/dry firing) the trigger stopped engaging. I went ahead and disassembled the rifle and noticed that the sear cam is sliding off the little cross pin that it pushes up against. I also noticed that the cross pin hardly has any contact against the sear cam edge, it's pushed into the block a little too deep. I believe it'll work better if the crosspin would stick out to at least the distance of the sear pin. I'll be shipping the carbine back to Beemiller tomorrow so they can check it out. Is this a common problem or did I receive a bad unit? :cry:
  2. Dont think i have seen this issue posted before, but we had a lot of post lost on the old forum so cant say for sure. I do know that few people have problems with their 995's so it could be one that got past QC or one that saw a lot of hands on play in the shop before you made the purchase.

    Either way, it definitely needs to go back to Beemiller for repair.

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    I hope the repair turn around time is quick, cause I'm itching to get it in it's ATI stock and the rest of the accessories I bought for it... all thanx to the pics I've seen on this FORUM! :D
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    the pin is easy to push out a little and will fix the prob.
    mine did it.
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    I tried tugging on it with a needle nose, but it's in there pretty tight. I think I'm gonna let the factory handle this one... I haven't even fired the dogone thing yet: It's still a virgin.
  6. Well, repair turn around time has always been fast for me. But I've only had 2 minor issues and nothing major. But Hi-Point is great at repairs and returning the gun.
  7. sounds like the problem I had. If I kept pulling the trigger after 3-5 pulls you would feel it engage and the next pull it would shoot. Still haven't had the time to get a box and ship it in. gotta work on that thid jan.
  8. That's an issue that I've never seen before either. Either way, Hi-Point will get you straightend out for sure.
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    Mikimbin?. that sounds coming from hialeah
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    Call Hi-Point they will have some ideas for you. They might just send you the parts and tell you how to put it in.
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    Good news.... got my 995 back Monday... and put all the goodies on it yesterday. Here it is!


  12. Mikinbin, let me know what you did to yours

    I'm in the process of ordering accessories for the 995.
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    Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 7:37 pm Post subject: Mikinbin, let me know what you did to yours


    I'm in the process of ordering accessories for the 995.


    I didn't go too crazy, I just went with the ATI stock, BSA red dot, ATI But pad, and I also purchased an Uncle Mike's rifle bag. I really like the new look my 995 has now.