New 995 plus XD and C9 range report.

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    I couldn't stand it. I had to have a 995. Big R had them on sale this week so I got one for $169. There's probably better deals out there but I'm happy with it.

    Out of the box at 3 yards the pattern was tight but 4 inches left. I adjusted the sites to center then moved the target back to 25 yards (max distance at the indoor range) This is my first group:

    The round in the picture is for size reference.
    25yrds, Winchester 115 gr. FMJ - seated and supported

    Then I managed this group standing and unsupported:

    I'm very impressed with this gun. It's an absolute blast to shoot. I ran 100 round through it and did not have one problem. It is sweet. My wife even likes it.

    I reluctantly put the carbine away to try my new XD (4") also a very impressive weapon if maybe a little off topic:

    16 rounds - 7yrds, Winchester 115 gr. FMJ - seated and supported

    Then I tried the same with my C9:

    Not quite as good with the C9 but still more than good enough for the nightstand. I had one jam with the C9 on the last round of the first magazine. It doesn't seem to do it when I only load 7 but when I load 8 the last one jams more often than not.

    I had a great day at the range but I need to get to the outside range and see how the 995 does with some distance.
  2. Good shooting, glad to hear you had a blast

    Try fully loading your mag and letting it set for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference