New 995-very unhappy...

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by choctaw, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. ...very unhappy I only got to put 100 rounds through it before it got too dark . :D I'm very happy with its performance (Monarch FMJ). I popped a scope on it and got her dialed in pretty fast. I'm punching one ragged hole with this carbine at 25 yards. This weekend when I have more time (and ammo) I'll extend the range somewhat. I would like to try it on a coyote or two Sunday...

    I will say this though. I'm not much of a paper shooter. When sighting in I work for tight groupson paper. Afterwards, its little critters, cans, milk cartons and other stuff that react when hit. I'm still just a kid when it comes to plinking.
  2. :lol:

    Your topic title was a fooler. If you were unhappy with it, at least 25 guys would have offered to take it off you hands.

  3. You scared the s__t out of me for a minute!!!
    I'm getting mine a week from tomorrow and I don't need that kind of news.
    Good luck shooting this weekend.
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    Well he fits right in at home at this forum.
  5. Great to hear man. Try to find some +P or +P+ JHP for the yotes. Then email me pics of them lol. Good luck with the critters
  6. Where @ in Grayson co? I work in Sherman (@ Alpha Sys)-- I go to Tom Bean at lunch some days to shoot--
  7. Ah a wise guy - for that you have to loan your 995 to a non-995 member for two weeks, and NO complaining!

    Congrats on the good shoot!
  8. Never fear Pogy. This is my second time around with these carbines and I have yet to be disappointed.


    I plan on getting some +P tomorrow. Hopefully I can hunt Saturday evening, Sunday for sure. Pics will be forthcoming.

    Ralph's Range? I shoot there too sometime. I live in Van Alstyne by the way.

    What?! Two weeks??? Drat, guess I'll pay more attention to the forum rules next time. :shock:
  9. You sneaky lad, you!
    You had us going there for a minute.!
    Glad you like it. :D
  10. Ha, even though I usually don't like misleading or non applicable titles your got me good with this one.

    That and we have another Texan on board.
  11. No ones perfect. I don't care what you texans say.
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    Another snarky shooter who likes poking a den of bears with a sharp stick??

    MAN, you guys didn't tell me that there'd be other applicants for my job :cry:

    In all seriousness, you're going to find yourself cursing the daylight the more you shoot the 995. Last time I was seriously out with my 995 before having to sell it I burned 600 rounds between myself, my little sis and a friend of ours and it just wasn't enough. Even got the gun-snob Russian only arms guy out shooting it and agreeing it was "A serviceable weapon". Stef likes it because of the nearly non-existent kick but still wouldn't give her AR up for one. But she'd take MY 995 any chance she could when I wasn't home :p

    Welcome to the club!
  13. LOL had me going on the title as well. Anyways just wondering what type of a scope did you mount on her?

    This is the scope I slapped on the 995, Robert. I paid $8 for it (gotta love the internet) and had it mounted on my Saiga 7.62X39 until yesterday. I know some people have had problems with NCStar products, but I've always been happy with them.
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    You got me to click it, :lol: .