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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Cperry, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Cperry

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    I picked up my new 995 camo the other day came with 2 extra mags and a sling. I couldnt get the black from my local gun shop they said their supplier was out. I really liked the look of the gun, it was the first time i had seen one in person. i spent about an hour at he shop looking it over, i know as soon as i got home it would not be seen again until Christmas since it is a present from my wife. and sure enough when i got home it was put up.
    i also have a 9comp ordered it has not came in yet though.
    Man i can't wait until Christmas :D [/list]
  2. Thayldt21

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    Awsome score's with the Comp 9 and the 995. As for waiting good luck, try maby Nyquil or Tylenol PM. lol

    any way welcome to the forum

  3. SamW

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    Good on you. Glad you got one.
  4. Glad you got the gun and welcome to the forum.
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    Congrats! Sounds like you have a very cool wife.

    My wife is great and tolerates my firearm collection. However, I know if I got my wife a gun for Christmas she would probably use it on me! It would go over like me getting her that new drill press or circular saw. :lol:
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    Maverick, saw you were in ky also, where about? i am in georgetown right now getting ready to move back to eastern ky in nov. then i will be able to shoot any time i want to, all i will have to do is open my back door and start firing away.
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    Congrats on the new 995. You are gonna have some big fun, come Christmas. Maybe Santa will fill your stocking with ammo!

  8. Maverick

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    I'm in a small town in Western Kentucky, just outside of Owensboro.
  9. I also picked up my 995 the other day and it only had one mag. Do you think I should ask the dealer about the "shortage" or is one mag correct?

  10. Congrats on the new toy! Mine came with one mag as I think that's the norm.

    If your wife is anything like my mom was when I was young - DO NOT TOUCH THAT GUN TILL CHRISTMAS!!! We touched a toy once before Christmas and Mom made us wait a YEAR, gave it to us the following Christmas. Be afraid, be very afraid. :lol:
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    Nope, 1 mag is standard. They used to come with 2 mags, but haven't for years.
  12. Maverick

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  13. 995 hard to get

    When I picked my 995,NIB, up there was no mag in it!
    The dealer guessed that someone looked at the gun and took it when he wasn't looking.[This is south Florida afterall]
    So he gave me an extra one,for my trouble 2 days later.
    I wanted to shoot it the day I got it so I found a shop that near my range that had one mag in stock.
    So now I have three mags.