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  1. kipnita

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    Bought the 995 yesterday and went to the range. Overall, I'm impressed!

    I can see the need for a different charging handle.

    My gun's box did not have the "adjustment tool" - I intend to contact Hi-point Monday to request one and order a couple of extra magazines too.

    Gun action is tight but seemed to loosen up a bit with ~100 rounds downrange.

    Fired the 995 more than the Glock 19!
  2. Congrats, and welcome to the forum!

  3. The carbines can be very addicting. I have as much fun with mine as I do about any weapon I own

    Hi Point will take care of you on the missing tool, thats not a problem.
  4. kipnita

    kipnita Guest

    Thanks for the welcomes.

    Contacted Hi-Point this morning and requested an adjustment tool and an additional magazine for the 995 ($17). Maybe they'll send a freebie!

    I'm looking forward to another trip to the range. I need to verify my deer rifles are zeroed and the 995 will go too.

    Any recommendations for a decent quality but low cost red dot or halo sight? Thanks in advance.
  5. SteveD

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    I've had good luck with a tasco tru-glo on my 995. Also I did have a barska 42mm aim point but after about 75 rnds the dot grew fuzz.
  6. Ive had a lot of luck with BSA red dots and the BSA Parallax red dots. Not that expensive and quick target acquisition
  7. kipnita

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    Thanks for the input re red dots! Will continue to "research".
  8. kipnita

    kipnita Guest

    Update, ordered the adjustment tool and additional magazine on Monday - 3/31.

    Order received today, Thursday - 4/3.

    Impressive customer service!
  9. kipnita

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    Went back to the range last Sat.

    Ran about 70 more rounds thru the 995.

    I got the sights dialed in real nice at 25 yards but had a problem with some misfeeds.

    I was using an UPLULA to load the 995 magazines and I believe it spread the magazine lips just enough to cause some feeding issues.

    I "tweaked" the mags and they seem to be operating properly again.

    I posted in the Tips section re the UPLULA. It is a GREAT tool for double stack mags but I would not recommend that it be used with single stacks.