New 995TS owner in Kentucky

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by Fweezal, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Fweezal

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    Picked him up on Thursday. Got it Desert ACU. I immediately got a RGD for it along with extra mags, a flash suppressor, mag clips, and forward hand grip. I'm taking it to the range on Monday to sight it in. My other piece is a SCCY CPX-2 9mm. I think it's pretty cool they both use the same round. :)
  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I can’t do it, but there’s something to be said for standardizing on fewer cartridges.

    Welcome to the group.:thumbsup:
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The CPX2 is a punishing torquey little shit. They are very accurate for their size. They feed everything when they aren't back in Daytona Beach in the repair shop. I love mine! :D
  4. Fweezal

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    I've never had a single problem with mine. Had it about 5 years.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    .45 JHP owner from Florida.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I took it to the range and the trigger was taking a dump. Sent it back. Next time it was the frame pins started walking, and the pin came out of the extractor. It was flapping in the breeze.
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    Welcome aboard! You will love it! Stock up on ammo when ya can!
    I currently use only 3 cartridges, 9mm, 22 and 12 gauge.
    Makes it easier!
  8. Fweezal

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    Am in the process now. I have to sell a few things to get more $$$ to buy ammo, though.
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    What flash suppressor did you add?
  10. Welcome to the forum from Warren County, Kentucky.
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