New 995ts with some FTF !!!!!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Tpsfoto, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Tpsfoto

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    I just bought a new 995ts and was doing the first range test. I shot it at 20 yards and it was consistently left and low, I did not have the Allen wrench with me there, so I will bring the back sight up and right.
    Also I was shooting 100 rounds and had 4 failure to feeds. The round was not in the chamber and was tilting up on the feed ramp, very close to the chamber but not in. Was using FMJ Blazer Brass 115 g. Could it be my ammo? I am using the original HP Magazines, I am tilting the magazine when I slap it into the well.
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    NE Utah
    It takes a small straight screwdriver to adjust the rear sights on all HP's. I have one on my key chain, so it's always with me at the range.

    Not sure how you mean "tilting the magazine", but my bet is, the FTF is just break in. Give it time, maybe fluff and buff the inside edges of the mag lips...or just shoot some more, same effect.

    Good luck!

  3. Tpsfoto

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    Thanks for the info ....will shoot some more first.....more fun than buffing
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    After loading your mag with ammo smack the back of your mag on your hand or in my case head. Also load up your mag and let them sit for a week. Do not let this interrupt you shooting.
  5. midias

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    Leave the mags loaded until your next trip it helps break them in.
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    I saw on YouTube the practice of slightly bending out the end of the mags as well as deburring the followers by sanding the edges of the metal....some were saying to lube the springs and inside the mag .....I was always told never to lube mags at all....which is true?
  7. talon

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    Don't lube the mags. Don't adjust anything until you give it some break-in time.