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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Asturcon, Jun 6, 2014.

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    This is my first post, I'm a 995 new owner. I went to the range today and shot 200 FMJ rounds with not malfunctions at all, lots of fun. But when I tried Hollow Points Winchester Ranger Bonded it was a mess. Every single bullet failed to feed. I have 3 original magazines one of them with the upper lips slightly different than the other two magazines and the FTF happened with all 3 magazines. I have the impresion that the magazines are a little bit loose into the mag well, when I push them up while shooting the Hollow Points feed properly.

    My question is. It could be a specific problem with Winchester Ranger Bonded ammo or it is the 995 unreliable feeding Hollow Point ammunition.

    I hope I can find a solution for this issue because I really like my 995 and FMJ ammo work flawlessly.

    Thank you!
  2. Dagwood

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    Hello Asturcon, Welcome. I have the 995ts and the 4595ts. I have had no issues with either but I have never shot any hollow points thru either. I know all hp carbines are a little different. Some of the guys here have multiples of the same caliber and they will tell you that they each have there own unique feel. It may just need some break in. Or, just stay away from the hollow points. That's probably not what you want to hear, but that's all I got... Some of the other members may have more experience with this. Welcome again

  3. cicpup

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    It's new. Break it in with a few (thousand) more FMJs and try again.
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    Ok, that will be easy and fun to do. Thanks.
  5. SWAGA

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    Although depending on the bullet tip design some hollow points may never feed correctly in a particular gun.
    Hollow point is not a standard, every manufacturers is a little different and uses a different bullet design.
    Try some other brands, even Winchester white box hollow points and see how they feed.
  6. Asturcon

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    Thanks, I hope the break in works for the hollow points. But if it does not I'm ok with FMJ. My daughter love the 995 so I do, it is really fun to shoot it.
  7. Dagwood

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    My 995ts is the funnest gun I own! Even my wife loves to shoot it. She may even let me buy another one... OK maybe I'm trippin, But a guy can dream Can't he. I'll tell her i'm getting it for her. HaHa:D
  8. talon

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    welcome to the world of hi points. you got a picky one. it happens. while a break in period may help with the other ammo, it may just NEVER like to fire it. HP's are notorious for loving certain kinds of ammo, and hating others. or....eating everything. ya never know which one you might get. (and its not a Hi Point specific issue honestly).

    try it again in a couple hundred more rounds, but, you may as stated, never be able to use certain types or even certain brands of ammo in your particular gun.
  9. Welcome to the neighborhood, Asturcon!
  10. Asturcon

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    Thank you for your help guys, this forum is the reason why I own a 995. In return to your help I will write a post about my impressions with my 995 and I hope it will help somebody else interested on purchasing a Hi-Point carbine.
  11. PapaMAS

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    I have a new-ish 995TS and have had a similar issue though not to the extent you have had. All of the FMJ I have put through it so far have worked flawlessly (Winchester NATO 124gr, Blazer 115gr, Speer Lawman 124gr, Herter's 115gr, some others I can't remember now). The only feed issues I have had have been with JHP rounds (Speer Gold Dot, Remington, Hornady, some others). The only JHP which has worked flawlessly for me is Federal Hydra-Shok (and I have shot a few hundred rounds of this ammo).
  12. Bull

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    welcome to the forum MAS!
  13. bluebone

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    keep in mind that if it continues to malfunction with JHPs you can still send it in to MOM and they'll give it a good looking over to see if something is amiss and you may get a free magazine for your troubles. Hi-Point tends to take good care of their customers more so than other makers.
  14. i ran hornady xtp hollow points through mine right out of the box with no trouble at all then I tried Winchester white box fmj and had alot of trouble. I would say stay way from Winchester white box
  15. Dagwood

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    All hp's are a little different. I have shot a few hundred rounds of wwb thru my 995ts without one hiccup. Also thru my jrc 9mm with no problems.
  16. PapaMAS

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    I gotta say I really like my 995TS. It has surprised me how accurate it can be. Mostly I have shot it at 25 and 50 yards but have also gotten 3" groups at 100 yards without trying all that hard. Pretty good value.
  17. Asturcon

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    I love my 995 too, It feels great and it is accurate enough for my shooting style. I take the 995 and my M4 to the range and I end shooting the 995 only. Last range trip I tried a box of Federal Premium HST JHP and I had no trouble at all. Smooth and accurate. So, I assume the problems I had is the Winchester Ranger Bonded ammo fault. On my next trip to the range I will try a box of Tulammo steel case.

    Oh, welcome MAS. I'm new and learning around here too.
  18. Trooperc7

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    I just recently purchased a 995ts also. Learning a lot here about it and i enjoy seeing all the mods that people can do to the weapon. So far other than adding the mag carrier and a finger shelf mine is pretty much stock at present.
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!