New 9MM 995TS with Red Dot Question

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Mac60, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Just picked up Hipoint 9mm 995TS carbine, ran 100 rounds through it no issues, its fun and accurate. The only problem is I got the red Dot model and I can't mount the red dot scope with the stock iron sights kinda bums me out, I just assumed I could keep the Iron sights and mount the Red Dot in front of the rear sight, I saw a picture of this setup online before I bought the Red Dot model.
    Has anyone mounted the factory BSA Red Dot scope with the factory Iron sights? I currently mounted it on the lower rail but its not ideal
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    Welcome from the Show Me state. I also have the 995. Stock up on ammo! Check out Longshot Mfg. I believe they will be able to get you to what you want. I had a very good experience with them. Keep us posted on upgrades. There will be more...

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    I have the same model, 995 with the RDS. I removed the iron sights and mounted the RDS in its place. I had purchased a 45 degree offset so I could use both, but my wife enjoys shooting this rifle so much that it wouldn't work (she's right-handed and I'm left handed).
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    No you just put the Red dot on a 45º mount. You can get 45º mounts for about $7 to $10 on E-bay
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    This is mine on a 45º

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    I have a red dot by Aim Sports I got from CTD. It fits snugly in front of the rear sight. Just cant use the rear dust cover. No biggie there though.
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    Plenty of ways to work around the RDS/HP sights conundrum,
    I have a shortened front sight that looks pretty good, and Rach
    built on that takes a bit more work, and looks really good. Anyone
    got that link again? I'm going to bed soon, I'm getting up around 4 AM :eek:
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    Thanks for the reply's everyone, really appreciate the feedback. What an outstanding group.
    Kind of surprised me that the Hi-point included BSA RDS that won't fit on the rail with the stock iron sights without modification?
    I guess Hi-point figures everyone is just going to remove the rear sight?

    I don't want to rely on a battery in the RDS and feel the iron sights are necessary.
    I purchased this for a range carbine and home defense, with the intention of 25-50 yards max effective range so the iron sights work for me but the Red dot came with it so I figured mounting would be a snap!
    Also have a CZ75SP-01 and Glock 17 so the 9MM Hi-point is a perfect combination.

    Thanks Again
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    Thought I knew where it was, but I couldn't find it either! :(
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    I ran my reflex 24x7 for three weeks at medium setting, did not notice it dimming and battery was still 3v cr2032 type. Your milage may vary.
    Here is my setup, testing this weekend, but looks promising. Notice the white mark on the back of the RDS, that is my rear sight. Front sight is fully up, for cqc I sight through the front sight post, for 25-50 yards I put the target on top of the front sight circle. Not looking for eye of the needle accuracy, just minute of zombie stuff.

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    995TS Build - Long Shot Rails

    Building my 995TS with goodies found on Amazon and Ebay... A couple of pics showing the long shot top rail, bottom rail, and barrel cover with integrated rail included on the bottom... Nice spacing and lots of room... Well worth the cash for the rails and it really made the gun stiff!! No more poly weaver rails...

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    That's a nice look'n heater!