New 9mm Carbine

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    From Legacy sports:
    $26 for the 10 rd and $29 for the 17 round magazine.

    Why wouldn't you want to be a beta tester for it? If you wanted to buy it afterwards, it's like one fifth of the cost of an original one, with cheaper ammo to boot.

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    I just got my AR, but after I am done accessorizing it this one is interesting enough to try.
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    It only looks like a m1 carbine. It's actually a simple blow back operated machine. Might as well be a high point.

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    you'd be better off fabricating a stock for a 995ts and make it a wood stock... the only difference is the mag wells and maybe the hi point is more reliable, but ive never shot one before so i can't say anything for a fact.. personally I think hi point should have made the carbines mag well where the serial number plate is... plus with a magwell there there would be more room for a bigger mag.

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    Beta testing is merely a joke. Just like when Glock brought out the 42 .380. They had all kinds of problems, probably still are.