New Addition *SKS* :D

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  1. Went to my local shop for some ammo, was hellbent on buying a saiga 7.62, then saw a chinese SKS. The price wasn't that bad and the condition was almost excellent. My story doesn't end here, folks. He then tells me " ey, I've got a Yugo in the back but it's gonna need some work. wanna check it out??". I'm thinking he's gonna bring out the biggest piece of... well, you know. He comes back and it's just covered in cosmoline. Says it'll cost him more to take time cleaning it so he gives it to me for... $130!!! I'm a regular there, so that was pretty cool of him.

    Now, I need some info on removing all this cosmoline. I've never bought a milsurp I've had to clean up myself. Thanks guys.. 8)
  2. Go check out the SKS boards :) I don't have a link on hand, but you should be able to do a search. They have a lot of ways of cleaning that stuff off :) The Mosin boards will also do you good in that area :D Or maybe somebody here with more experience will just TELL you :)

  3. Damn. 130 bux. I would have bought 2 if he had them.

    Nice deal.

    Want pix of the gun!