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  1. Well I didn't buy the 40 I wanted, the only one I could find the guy wanted $275 for it. I did however walk into a gun shop this afternoon and pissed off a couple guys looking at these.
    The guy working there said he can't keep Hi-points in stock. Kinda funny with sigs, kimbers, HKs, S & W and Taurus all around us the 3 people in the store were looking at the same 2 guns. With only these to in stock I said I'll take them both right now. One of the guys said "can I look at the 9mm?" I said right after the clerk rings me up and starts the paper work you can even hold it. What's really funny is the guy ended up buying A Walter p22 while I was there. He said he just really needed it for home protection and he wife could handle it. I told him my wife would be pissed if I brought her home a 22!
    Anyway here they are, going to the range tomorrow so the wife can fire the 45 :)


    And if anyone cares here what the wife and I carry now, Mines on top :)
    Little gun porn for ya

  2. Cool! Nice firearms.

  3. Sweet, nothing like a fresh pair of hi-points. Nice looking taurus as well. Its on my short list for a CCW gun.
  4. I bought a .45 for me last Wednesday and went and got my Wife a C9 on Friday. She has now put in for her to have the 45 even though she hasn't fired either one of them. I bought mine to keep in my truck and hers for home protection so it doesn't really matter which one is used for what, we will go out this week, let her do some shooting and then decide who is keeping what.
    I'm on the road working a couple of days a week and I thought she needed something to protect her while I'm out of town. The scary part is she has lost 92% of her hearing in her left ear and 97% in her right due to having Wegener's disease, without her hearing aid she might not hear someone breaking in !!!
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    It's funny: Many of us on here ended up getting into Hi-Points by buying them in pairs. I myself bought a C9 AND a 995 because the price was just amazingly right.

    As far as your wife having severe hearing loss: You'd be surprised how in-tune someone with a hearing deficiency is. One of the best sound engineers for live productions I've ever worked with was nearly 65 percent deaf! With MAJOR amplification he could hear the tone of the music and words, but when it came to volume and balance he did it all by feel of the vibrations, and he was dead-on better than any acoustic sensor I'd buy!!

    And he worked cheaper per show than what a high end Seinhauser parabolic mic would cost :p

    The advantage she would have is not suffering from the acoustic shock when firing in enclosed places, which has been shown to be a huge deciding factor in a conflict!