New Addition To The Pack

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  1. No not a gun, even better....

    He's a big boy, adopted him today from a cop up in winston salem. He brought him all the way to my house so we could meet the big guy. He's a perfect fit for us, gets along great. Turns out he's gone through gaurd dog training, doesn't like sleeping with rest of the dogs under the bed (as if he could fit), he prefers to sleep where the hallway meets kitchen and living room. When he stands up on his back legs with his paws on my shoulders, his head his above mine, and I'm 6'1". Oh and looking at the picture, you can see he likes to sit on laps.
  2. Dude, you have enough pets to start your own petting zoo! Holy crap dude, that joker is HUGE!!! How's he get along with Emily?

  3. Saddle him up and let's see you ride him!

  4. That is Emilys plus size boyfriend. All the dogs get along great, Diesel, the Dane, doesn't quite know what to think of the cats, since the Siamese already whooped his ass once. Oh and when I took him out tonight to play "chase the laser" he doesn't run after it, he gallops after it. So funny.
  5. Wow! That thing is huge! Personally I wouldn't feel all that comfortable with his nuts on my legs but, if that's where he wants them that's where he gets them. :lol: I'm guessing he's the boss.

    Think gas is expensive? I'd imagine filling him up a few times a day isn't exactly on the cheap either! :shock:
  6. dang, makes my lab/rot/boxer mix look little at only 85 lbs
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    He's showing dominance by sitting on your lap like that. I don't think there's much you can do about it, though.
  8. If that's true, then he's got a lot to learn. Taurus is Top Dog in his house, I can personally vouch for that. He's got a 100+ Pound Bull Mastiff that cowers to him, even though she could eat his arse for lunch if she wanted to.

    I just don't know how the hell Taurus can afford to feed that many animals...
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    A new "Laptop"dog...
  10. He's definatly not a dominate dog. He plops his butt down on feet and legs, but is not dominate. I always keep the pack in check with stare downs, which are near impossible to even get started anymore. They all know who's in charge. And as for his nuts, those aren't an issue. Neutered. He pulled guard duty last night, found him sleeping by front door. He's a perfect fit. Still hasn't learned to respect the cats although he's taken numerous ass whoopins under the table though.

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    I would really hate to be the poor fool who breaks in your place with him around!! :shock:
  12. He's a fine lookin animal.
  13. Damn Taurus, the guy is complimenting YOU!!!!

    Nice dog too!! :wink: