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  1. Hey guys, I'm not a very active poster here, but do read alot, and just wanted to share my new addition. Not a gun, much better.

  2. Congratulations! Now where is my cigar? ;)

  3. Thayldt21

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    Congrats, now kiss your sleep goodbye. LOL

    No there great( when there sleeping) but seriuosly congrats
  4. Did you pick that up at a gun show? LOL congratulations!!!
  5. Damn cute baby. Congratulations.
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    Hey that one probably still has the warranty on it!! Great find :p

    Congrats! What more can you say with a cute kid like that...
  8. There's a morning smile for me - what great pics! Congrats and may God Bless your family.
  9. she's a cutie! congrats man.
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    Congrats on the beautiful baby! :D
    My wife is 10 weeks along. We recently saw an ultrasound and got to see and hear the, it was amazing.
  11. Hey, pretty soon she'll be cutting her teeth on a Houge Handall Grip for a 1911! Beautiful baby my friend! Congrats go out to you and your wife!
  12. Congrats, nothing like the smell of a new baby. Enjoy the next 18 yrs.
  13. You've got a cute kid there. Is that your first?
  14. Lucky you! Firearms can be snarfed up anywhere and anytime, but one one of these treasures comes along very few times in life.

  15. DUDE!!! be a good daddy and throw us the stats...and a cigar...PRONTO!!!
  16. shelbyzman, Yes it is truly amazing, and if they offer the 3D Ultrasounds at your doctor, I would highly recommend getting one. You can see some of the pics from ours at

    Yes she is our first, she was born at 8:26AM Sunday, 7lb. 12oz., 21 3/4 inches.

    Thanks for all the well wishes everyone.
  17. MUCH MUCH better than a gun. Congrats!
  18. Congrats!!! Enjoy while she is young they grow up toooooooooo fast!!!
  19. Seeing those pics, I can't wait for my first one.... Soon my friends... Soon....
  20. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing like having a little one in the house and the joy of parenthood cant be compared to anything else in life.