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New aluminum trigger with improved pull?

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Has anyone seen or used this trigger, or know of anyone that has? It looks really impressive and if it improves the pull as claimed it will be a huge seller.
I want to buy it but I am on a wife induced budget. :mad:
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i wonder if that will work on my c9 and 45
Yes, I have that trigger on my 995. It looks great, feels great! I have asked Mold99 if he will be designing a pistol trigger, and so far he is not planning to do so, but this trigger is great for the 995. I will get some pictures up as soon as I can.
murphyreedus, I really like how your 995 is now. Very nice job on that. :yes: ;)
i purchased this and it is in the mail as we speak! i bought the other items he sell and the are great quality.
but does it really improve upon the trigger pull?
OK i got the trigger yesterday and installed it last night, fits great it does seem to improve the pull. i will be going out to shoot in 2 weeks to find out for sure.

it is extended and is way more comfortable.
Is it mandatory to have the toe shots in pictures........just wondering, so I can be prepared and have the wife do a pedicure..... I'm thinking gun metal blue polish
Rule # 2143.439 subsection 104 paragragh 23 ALL pictures of weapons will have toes included in said pictures.
ok, i'll shoot the ol' ladies camel toes....................
ok, i'll shoot the ol' ladies camel toes....................

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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