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    Hello all.

    So I'm new to the forum and to firearms as well I was in the military so I do have some experience in firearms but that's about as far as it goes. Anyway here is my problem I am in the process of trying to buy my 1st HD firearm and funds are a little tight right now so that's what brought me here. I must of watched every youtube video on Hi points and on choosing your first handgun there is but I still cant decide what is the best route. I would like to get something that will work for both HD and some range fun so was leaning towards the 9mm C9 then I started thinking custom grips would be cool on it and a laser oh and lets not forget the joey key chain and Marys engraving. well I totaled that up and was like hell if I do all that I might as well buy a Carbine 995ts then I started thinking I would need a light and a laser for that to so that got me thinking if I spend the money for that I could just get a revolver (I would love a revolver) and the whole process starts all over again with wait you cant afford that lol. So if any of you have been in this spot before has any advice as to what you wish you did different when getting your 1st HD firearm please let me know I could use all the help I can get.

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    Welcome to the forum!..... If you're lucky enough to have a range that rents handguns, go shoot a few you're interested in.... Some guns just don't fit some people, so find one that feels good, and you like. You'll be way happier... But for a bang around range/truck gun, HPs are hard to beat.

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    I went with the C9 for just that reason - for hd and it was an affordable, reliable option (I did my homework, also). The way I look at it is get the gun, and then over time modify it and make it what you want as money allows.
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    BTW: Welcome! And I love my C9!
  5. Outlaw

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    Do what jwright said. Even if you have to drive a ways to do it. It will be worth it. If you like revolvers, then that may be a good first pic. They come in all sizes, are fairly stupidproof and go bang every time. That's my 2 cents worth :foilhat:
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    For a HD gun on a budget, the Hi Point would be hard to beat. Go ahead and purchase the basic gun, shoot it, get to know it, and modify or add accessories as you deem appropriate or necessary.

    Carbine or handgun first? That is personal opinion. I would go handgun, carbine, shotgun, in that order, but do not think there is a wrong answer.

    My choice for a budget revolver would be the Charter Arms. Around the $300 mark.

    A couple of other budget options I like are the SCCY at around $240, and the S&W SDVE series at around $325.

    Edit: what BULL said. Rent First if you can!
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  7. cicpup

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    Your big worry is that you can't resist the urge to pimp out your Hi-Point? Whatever you do. Don't buy a 1911 or an AR.
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    If I were to be buying my first home defense gun on a budget, I would consider these three as a start to study and then decide.

    1)CHARTER ARMS POLICE BULLDOG(MODEL 73860) 4 inch double action .38 special +P revolver. Only 26 oz, there are three on GUNBROKER right now. (SIX 4 SURE) like they used to say. Or their UNDERCOVER model, but the shorter barrel is more difficult to hit with.

    2) HI POINT C9 9mm semi auto pistol. more firepower, reliable, but heavy

    3)MOSSBERG HS410 home security .410 shotgun. good firepower(6rds) reliable, light, and looks intimidating.

    All three can be deadly at home defense ranges, all three can be adapted with a laser light, and all three can with have a carbine or pistol OF THE SAME CALIBER added on down the road if money will allow it.
    A .38 special carbine is available from Cimarron, a carbine 995ts is available from HI POINT, and both Taurus and S&W have revolvers that shoot .410 cartridges.
  9. missiledefender

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    On a budget?, go with the HP 9mm. Then get the 9mm carbine. Then a good Maverick (Mossberg)12 gauge pump.

    You'll have all of the bases covered. Short, Mid and Long range covered.

    THEN, when you have more scratch, upgrade to something "nicer" and if need be, sell the HPs. Being honest, you'll be sorry that you did and miss them.

    Charter Arms or Ruger LCR for a revolver. I like the "hammerless" versions. Even Cobra makes a similar model thats pretty inexpensive. The "hammerless" alows you to fire it from a jacket pocket without actually drawing it. Snag free (no exposed hammer to catch on anything) so, smooth draw from a holster.

    I like the "hammerless" in a jacket. My dad was a copper in Center City Philadelphia for 23 years, he carried a .38 Bodyguard in a jacket pocket. I did the same thing when I worked for KCMOPD. You can have your hand on the gun without drawing any attention and suprising the F&*K outta a dirt bag.
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    you need to get out and go to some gun stores and see what's available in your area. Shop around, different stores can have massively different prices on the same gun. For example, I went with a buddy of mine to a local "big box" sporting goods store. He was looking for a compact 9mm to carry. He picked out a Taurus pt709 slim. It was $399.99. When he started filling out the 4473 to buy it, I jumped on my phone and found the exact same gun at a gun store 45 minutes away for $199.99! Needless to say, we left there and drove the 45 minutes.
  11. ArmyScout

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    Everyone should own at least one revolver. A time proven firearm.
  12. Think1st

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    If you have enough for a good revolver, right now, then you have enough for a pretty wide range of weapons, in general. Instead of going with something to pimp out, try spending the money on something that tickles your fancy after you rent it and shoot it. All of the accessories in the world won't help if you don't have the right weapon as the base.

    Getting a good weapon, now, is better than getting a half-assed weapon that isn't as good as what you could otherwise be satisfied with, out of the box.

    Nevertheless, a C9 (or a JHP) would do well for anyone on a budget.
  13. talon

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    Get the carbine. More versatile, still highly affordable and very reliable.
  14. jwright

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    Yeah probly a good idea. I could do without the extras but have to have a laser and light
  15. jwright

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    Thank you for all the advice I found a gun shop not to far away that has a range so I will be heading there first. It looks like they have a very large selection of new and used guns so I should be able to find what I need there.
  16. lsi1

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    speechless with agreement.
  17. RobbK

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    I would get the carbine first.. reason being is you will probably shoot it more accuretly. Then go pistol and shotgun..
  18. histed

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    'S all good advice. I'll agree and repeat - if your budget is tight, its hard to beat the C9. That's what my wife settled on for HD and range fun, then she confiscated my SCCY for carry. Right now I'm looking at a HP 380 for $75 to loan my sister for HD, since her budget is ... invisible. As for revolvers, I have a Rossi 38 snubby that was 350 OTD and love it. Check Buds Guns online - He usually has used Model 10 S&W for around the same price. Lotsa choices to fit any budget. Remember that in handgun ammo, 9mm is usually (not always) the least expensive.
  19. tallbump

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    My C9 was my first firearm.

    Pretty much my same exact situation as you, except I don't have the military background.

    I definitely, 100% support the idea of shooting different guns before you buy.

    However, with the things you mention in your initial criteria, I vote for the C9.

    I don't know your living situation, but it's easier to stash a loaded C9 safely but quickly accessible than the carbine. With the savings of the C9 over the carbine, which should be at least $50, you can buy ammo to practice.

    Also, the C9 gives you the option to carry if you should choose to do so.

    Now, if I just wanted a cool gun to have and home defense wasn't my prime concern, then I would prefer to have the carbine. But to me, the extra safety and option to carry make the C9 the better choice.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I have one. It cost $12.50-$20 new. 8 shot .22 :D