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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by mahansights, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Greetings from Arizona!!! Been hanging around HiPoints for a good time now!! The JHP and the 4095 are my personal HiPoints! I'm the guy that makes the sights for the HiPoint pistols!! Been gone a piece but have been made welcome so here we go!!

    Actually I've played around quite a bit with my JHP I'll post some stuff here sometime!! I was working on a ghost ring sight for the carbine but it would have to be nearly $200.00 for me to make any profit so I really lost interest in it but I might post some pics of it!!!

    It's good to be back and it's nice to know that the mods are level headed brainiacs with out all the attitude!!:D

    Thanks for making me welcome again you all!!!

    bare nake lady


    here's a graphic showing how they work and why they are so solid

  2. SWAGA

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    Welcome back ;)

  3. planosteve

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    Welcome back. As soon as things settle down I need to add your sight to my JHP.
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    I saw once you made one with white dots. How much for the dots?
  5. MachoMelvin

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    If I didn't have so many HP's I would get one for each of them? Well maybe not!
  6. mahansights

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    dots on pistol sigthts!!!

    I actually cut in a bit with a diamond tipped tool because they are
    annnodized (it's not "hard" annodize but you ought to see what it does to carbide cutters) and will let you guys put your own paint on! for that I'm getting $15.00 plus shipping which is $3.37 about a buck more if you want insurance!!:)

    This is predicated on you shipping me sights you already own!! I'll be glad to sell you some if want a set!
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  7. mahansights

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    One of my customers shoots competitively down in Texas! He bought a set for each of his pistols to use against these guys and there 3K$ race guns! He got a fourth place and he gets a bunch of static but it's in good nature as near as i can tell!! lol:eek:
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    Nice looking sights you make there...welcome back to the group.