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  1. I stumbled through Gander three days ago and ran into this. It's a used Remington 700 ADL in 223, previously owned by one of Gander's gunsmiths. Awful paint job, so I changed that. I strapped a Tasco Pronghorn 3-9 on it and sighted it yesterday. Holds .6 MOA pretty reliably. All told, $400 out the door including scope and sling... SCORE.

    Original paint. It's too dark and green to use around her unless you're in a stand of hemlocks, so I changed it...

    To this. This fits much better with the usual colors around here year round. Between browned out hay fields and brushpiles, this is it. It might stand out a bit when I'm sniping chipmunks and woodchucks, but something tells me that they don't really care.


    I really love Fusion paint... I also just ordered my reloading gear yesterday, and should be turning out ammo by the end of the week... SO stoked!!!
  2. Wow that looks awsome ! Damn fine job paintin that thing sir !

  3. It feels really nice, too. The paint gives quite a bit of traction an doesn't reflect hardly any glare.
  4. $400?!?!?!?

    Wow. Made out like a bandit on that one!
  5. Yep, $300 for the rifle, $50 for the scope, an 20ish for a sling, plus tax... I was floored, so I couldn't very well just walk by. I've been looking for a good calling/woodchuckin rig for awhile. It appears, that this is it.
  6. Very nice find! And your refinishing work has done ti proud!
  7. I could do a howto for camo-painting a stock if the mods would sticky it...
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    That is NICE....and it was a good deal also.
  9. Type something up and lets take a look at it.