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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by BD, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. BD

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    I just got my ATI what a difference! I was ready to order an AR15 lower but decided first to order the ATI stock for my 995 from MILSURPSTUFF.COM. The service from these guys and shipping speed was fantastic. My 995 seems like an entirely new gun! I am no longer interested in the AR.....I am ready to add more to the 995!!! Here is what I was thinking:

    1. tactical sling
    2. barrel shroud
    3. 2 extra magazines
    4. red dot scope
    5. tactical butt pad

    Any input?
  2. Maverick

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    Congratulations! Now post some pics of that bad boy already!!!

    I would recommend getting a non barrel mounted bi-pod too. I got lucky and got a Harris bi-pod used for $35.00 at my local gun shop. A bi pod really makes shooting from the bench fun.

  3. andrew241

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    I think I might have to check into the ATI one of these days. I really like the looks of it.
  4. BD

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    Just bought a Shooter's Ridge bipod at Wally World! Would anyone advise a scope type or model in particular? I am having a tough time deciding between a regular scope or a red dot scope.
  5. Daisy Powerline 3-9x from Wally's is the way to go. It looks so much better than a stubby compact scope or red dot. It also doesn't obscure large pieces of the target at long ranges (most being 5 MOA).
  6. In the last few days, I rec'd my:

    ATI stock
    Halographic red dot site
    Laser / mount / switch
    Light / mount / switch
    Barrel shroud
    2 additional magazines

    Care to guess what I’ll be doing tonight? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. andrew241

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    does it involve bang bang?
  8. I would go with no less than 5 magazines lol. I like to shoot.

    I loved the ATI stock. Got a bi pod, some picatinny rails (6") for my forward pistol grip, and the butstock on the way from Milsurplus.

    Too bad the post offce sucks lol....

    Best customer service I have had from a weapons store yet!!!!! they are great....
  9. BD

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    What forward grip are you all using?
  10. Chef Dennis

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    Do you guys think the ATI is strong enough to allow the mounting of a rail under the forearm for the mounting of a forward grip? I'd think the rail mounting screws would loosen up over time elongating the holes and allowing the rail to move. I might be wrong, and woild love the assurance from you guys that might have done this and have had success. Other then that, i am thinking of trying to figure out how to mount a free floating 4 sided piccanny rail system from an AR onto the ATI'd 995. I'd have to change the top rail i installed, but it migh be worth it. That is unless you guys say that those short rails are a solid mount and won't be a problem.

    You can see my modified ATI'd 995 in the "Gallery".
  11. Ridge

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    ATI's photos of the stock show it with items mounted to a rail on the underside of the forestock, so I guess it can be done somehow...
  12. SamW

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    Pic's, we need pic's
  13. I have mine mounted under the barrel until I get my rails. Will take pics tonight...


    Its to far up for me. Will repost pics when I get my 6" rails on...
  14. BD

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  15. I posted more pics elsewhere, but this is my build so far..... laser and light left to go.