New Austrian M95 8x56R

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  1. I got this at Big 5 tonight for $79.99, $83.66 out the door with a 20 oz Coke. As you can see it's a pretty nice rifle, until you open the bolt... *Refer to the "Lake O' Comsoline Pic*

    The stock is kinda beat up, and there is a LAKE of cosmoline in that joker. At the store I had to run a paper towel down the barrel with the cleaning rod from a MN 91/30 just to get enough cosmo out so I could see the lands and grooves. All the other rifles had some SERIOUS wear in the bore, but the one I brought home with me is about 99%.

    For $83.00 out the door, and the 20 oz coke :D, I can't say I did that bad.... OH and for you pic snobs out there.....


    This is the Lake O' Comsoline pic... and this is AFTER I wiped a crap load of it off while still at the store.



    The only thing I was kinda bummed about is that it didn't come with any of the extra goodies. No sling, no cleaning kit, oil can, ammo case etc... Kinda sucks, but once I get it cleaned up, we'll see how it shoots.

    This isn't a Turkish Mauser, *Damn you CG-49 Plankowner for getting me hooked on those rifles!!!!! :wink: * But for the price and the current price of 8mm ammo, it's a GREAT SHTF or B/O gun. It's light weight and with a straight back bolt, it's easy to operate. So far, I am pleased with the decision.

    Now for what you guys think... :roll: :D :lol:
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    I think it's going on my wish list-looks a little bigger than an M44. I'll be waiting to see the range report.

  3. Nice primal! And nice Peavey. Where's the axe?
  4. Looks good bro!!!!!

    My new toy is posted in the Other brand forum!!!!!
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  6. Cool, looks like they lubed that baby good :lol:
  7. I was talking about the 8mmx56R that I found at Sportsman's guide for $23.00 a box. I KNOW that 8mm Mauser isn't compatible with this rifle, 8mmx56R kinda stands out. I think the reason I called it a Mauser at first is that the rifle was mislabled at the store. It was labled a mauser not a mannlicher.

    The good thing about this ammo is that it's boxer primed brass, reloadable. That's a good thing.
  8. Here is My "axe".......[​IMG]
    1968 GIBSON Les Paul Deluxe
  9. Niceeee... a can of spinach would've been a nice touch.