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  1. well here is my new baby i just picked her up on saturday this is the way she came into my faimly. all the other children in the locker have accepted her. I have done a bit of work to her and will post some pics of it when i am finished. Also on the way home i saw a sign in the road that said GUN SHOW this way so naturally i wondered on in and waqlked around a bit. I was a little outraged when i found the prices on stuff brand new 995's for almost $300. i about shat myself. anywho i was about ready to leave when a lovely lady cought my eye i went over and began to ogle and fondel her soon i had a compainion for the ride home along with my new 995 i had a old tuarus 38spl with a 5inch barrell. I will post pics of her soon also. well with out any further talk here is the porn with a promise of more to come


    oh and a BIG THANK YOU TO TREVREV! for selling me this brand new weapon at a amazing deal. just please take care of my little 25auto thanks again -bob

    ps this pic is thanks to trev.
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    Congratz on your new little lady !!!

  3. New toys are always wondrous things--enjoy.