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    Hi Guys,

    just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself.
    Bought a C-9 yesterday and went shooting today; popped 150rounds through it despite all the other posts that I have read throughout the last couple of days: The gun performed without any issues!

    All my cop friends told me to not get one as they are p.o.s.'s etc... But wouldnt give me any good reason why.

    Now for the other question:
    I searched around but couldnt find any good writeups on how to clean this thing.
    What is the preferred way of cleaning?
    Get a brush and spray beforehand?
  2. congrats and welcome to the club!!

  3. All I do is make sure the gun is empty, swab the barrel with a good bore cleaner followed by dry patches till one comes out clean. Hit the chamber with a blast from the air compessor and that's it. Highpoint doesn't recommend taking the gun apart for cleaning.
  4. take it from me...DO NOT knock the pin out if you are unsure as to
    what you are doing....just follow the previous users advice!!!!
  5. i completely understand, couples of my friends in east coast believe the gun is piece of junk, either it will explode in my hand, or won't hit where i aim...etc. after 750rd, i can't see any problem from it. other than its look, we all know hi point is not the prettiest gun, but it perform so well.
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    Best way I've found to clean is a shot of foaming bore cleaner, let it sit run a few patches or a bore snake thru and you're good.
  7. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I have only 2 gripes on the looks of the Hi-Point pistol, the top of the slide is a little bit plain looking and the ejection port is a bit ugly but that's pretty common for pistol operating on the blowback principle.

    I take it apart to clean it now and then, I did it recently and i am happy I did, the parts in the firing pin channel were covered in carbon and it gave me a good opertunity to clean the barrel with ease.
  8. hipoint.nut

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. As far cleaning; Get yourself a good gun cleaner/lubricant like CLP Break Free, Rem Oil or even WD40 and spray out the action (don’t bother breaking the pistol down). After wipe off the excess oil and swab out the barrel.
  9. Ari

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    Welcome! what he says this is right on the money for cleaning. Do not take it apart tell 1200-2000 rounds. Unless you have a breakage
  10. BSK

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    I got some gun cleaner spray and sprayed out the barrel and firing pin area. got some dirt out but nothing mayor. The patch did most of the work it seems.

    200 shots to follow on Tuesday with all my LEO friends.... I wonder who will ask me first to shot the gun!
    I had one person at the range ask me today about it but I coudlnt tell them much except that its cheap and fun so far!
  11. LEO's think HP's are only used by bad guys. But you'll never regret owning one. In my humble opinon these are great guns and they love to be shot.
  12. The c9 is a great shooter. People that don't like them don't know how to critically evaluate a firearm beyond the brand name, IMHO.
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    One extra thing I did to mine was, with the slide retracted, gave it a liberal application of "Slide-Glide" on the front end, around the barrel, and on the back end, then just sat and worked the slide back and forth a bunch of times to work it in. Seemed to make it run smoother. Or, it may just be my imagination...but I use it on all of my other pistols so I figured it would be good for the HP too :)
  14. BSK

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    I wonder how the HP would end up if I would never clean it like the dude with the Glock that dropped it from an airplane, placed in mudd, dust etc...

    From reading all the posts; it seems like I wouldnt have to worry to much when it comes to service. As long as I document everything for the benefit of the board. =)
  15. I'm guessing you are joking, but if you're not, NO gun functions at its best if its never cleaned and if its abused. HiPoints surely can take the abuse, but I wouldn't recommend deliberately abusing and negelcting any gun and risking your life on it working.

    Gunpower leaves residue. The more its fired, the more residue. The more residue buildup, the more chance for jams.

    But cleaning the HiPoint is as easy was stated earlier. :)
  16. Congrats on your purchace.
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    Welcome to it. and to add. I have a cousin that is in the government security area for a living and to his credit he admits that HP's are decent guns but for some reason it was still to my amusemtn last time i shot with him, he had a nice shiny new fairly expensive 1911 compact 10mm. I watched him on one mag alone have 3 jams, yet my HP has been pretty freaking close to perfect so far and I got it for $160 nib out the door. Dont let gun snobs tell ya anything, let the gun and its performance speak for you. I am personaly keeping up with my exact round count just so i can quote actual numbers on rounds fired and failures. Good guns, just let them talk. Do we really want them to get to popular anyways? lol They are so affordable right now!
  18. hipoint.nut

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    That's not true :!: You got to remember GlockMan.
  19. I wondered when someone would remember GM.
    How many LEO'S are members of HPFF?
    We need a count!
  20. hipoint.nut

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    I am trying to become a LEO.