New Bug Out Bag (SOLD Pending Funds)

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  1. I have one brand new bag I would like to sell at $12 plus shipping. This bag has over 2,400 cubic inches of space making it great for just about anything!! It has fully adjustable padded shoulder straps as well as a waste belt. Shipping shouldn't be more then a few dollars....

  2. If you can get me some pics of the actual bags, I'll take one for sure and maybe both of them. Thanks.

  3. Surely... When I get home from hell whoops I mean work I'll do that...
  4. panoz77

    panoz77 Member

    I'll take one if primal would be willing to let me have one. Actual pics would be great first.
  5. mjpatrick

    mjpatrick Guest

    One here if either falls through let me know, thank-you.
  6. Sure Panoz77, I'm not greedy! 8)

    Pics first of course and we'll go from there.

    mjpatrick, you're next in line if the deal falls through, of course.
  7. OK guys here are a few quick shots... The last one is jus for you primal lol !




  8. You are a freak! LOL! Toes in the pic.... I am surrounded by idiots, sheesh! :shock: :roll: :D :wink: 8)

    Anyway, do they have an internal frame system of any kind? Aluminum tubing or something of that nature?
  9. No they don't have any sort of internal frame.... Jus a stiff backing for lack of better terms. These packs are decently made, but I wouldn't take one on a 20 mile hike. :shock:
  10. I was thinking it was more like an Alice pack type system. I have my USAF issue duffel bag that's almost exactly like that, except it doesn't have a waist strap or extra cargo pockets on the outside, that will serve the same purpose to me. Thanks for the pics though, I appreciate it.

    Mjpatrick, it's all on you buddy.
  11. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I will take one if its available.
    PM me.
  12. panoz77

    panoz77 Member

    I'll pass, next guy can have it. Thanks.
  13. Maybe something is goin on with our PM's tonight... Panoz I havn't gotten one here from you yet, but you were second in line so I will honor that...
  14. rift

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    any idea what shipping my be to 12885
  15. USPS flat rate shipping is around $9.00... UPS will prolly be a dollar or so more.
  16. thekrnel

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    i'll take the bag, if it's not already spoken for.
  17. if the guy above doesnt take it , ill take the last one. (ps friendly reminder im the owner of the site) lol JK ;)
  18. Ari

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    Oh man LOL