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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Dockem, Oct 15, 2007.

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    First off, thankfully I had printed out previous posts and instructions BEFORE the move to the new board. I sincerely hope that all the "stickies" get transfered over to the new board. They were INVALUABLE during my install!!!!

    Ordered from, great guy (Dave) to work with! Thanks for the terrific service and delivery so I could get going on my project.
    Compensator, ATI stock, tac buttstock pad. I'll highly recommend as source of accessories. I'd be happy to do repeat business with Dave! :)

    The ATI stock was a bear to get installed and operating. Had to drill out, sand, recontour a lot of areas to prevent binding of the bolt. I don't know if the stock is that tight on sizing to the receiver assembly/barrel or possibly it distorted during manufacture? Once I drilled out some holes for the receiver and made more clearance for the bold assembly under the rear cover plate, it did fine. Mr Dremel is your friend!!!
    But man, it took a few hours of trial and error fitting. I just thought it was strange that the instructions kept stressing not to tighten or over tighten screws. The hex bolt for the front of the receiver gave me fits! Finally, got it working well with things tightened down and not binding.

    Best of all, I was able to get to the range and put a coupla boxes of various ammo downrange with the wife. I was IMPRESSED for a first time out. Got the sights dialed in and my wife and I consistently were getting nice groups with the iron sights at 25 yards. For these old eyes :shock: (hers are MUCH younger :lol: ) I was very happy! But I'll probably pop for a small 3X9 scope in the near future, maybe a laser too.

    Hope the picture makes it. :D

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    Thanks one sweet looking carbine... very nice!

    Got to warn you... It will want more accessories, like a bi pod, tac light, red dot...

  3. Skip the red dot, get a cheap full scope and mount it a little farther back than you probably should. It really changes the balance of the gun and makes it a lot more substantial (on the stock stock anyway). It's a cute little gun, congrats.
  4. Great looking 995 there bro!!!!

    Cant wait till my goodies get here from Benny........... Bi pod, rails and a buttpad!!!
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    What seems to be the preferred bipod for use with the ATI stock? (The ATI bipod???) Not sure if I'd mount it on an accessory rail.

  6. You can get the Rock Mount Bi-pod from Wal-Mart for about $35.00 - $50.00 depending where you are... I have that same one on my 7mm Mag and it's a HELL of a little bipod. You can even attach a sling to the bipod if you use your sling stud to mount it. It has a sling swivel attachment on the bottom of the unit. Really nice bi-pod.
  7. +1

    I had a rock mount bipod on my (*sigh* not mine anymore) 995 for the infamous "gourd sniper" video. When I was sighting it in I put these 5 shots in at 30 yards with 2 one-holer double-taps and a called flier. It's a great 'pod for the money.


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    That's good sooting there stonebridge.
  9. Thanks. I don't mess around with pizza-box terrorists. :D

    PS That's a custom-made target-shooter's dime from Brownell's with a 3" diameter. :lol:
  10. I had one of those once..... I paid 25cents for it!

  11. why cant i think of things like the target dime ,i'd be rich too ???? :cry:
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    +1 on the sling stud mounted bi-pod. I would stay away from the barrel mounted bi-pods.
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    Just curious...
    If the ATI stock is made for the 995, why should it take so much work to get it to fit? I can understand if this were an isolated incident, but I've read the same thing from others. Is this something ATI should know about? (Or care about...) Perhaps it's the reason it's not been a "best seller" as stated in another topic?
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    Re: Curious...

    I think it's kinda the whole aftermarket thing. Almost every aftermarket gun part I've ever picked up has been a little big or tight fitting, and I've had to file, or sand or polish it to fit prefectly. I don't mind really, and I'd rather have to take some off, than for it to be too small, and have to add on to it. I have 2 995s, and a spare receiver cover, and the holes in my ATI stock fit 1 cover perfectly (the one I fit it to) another I have to fight to make it fit, and the 3rd... well, lets just say it's a spare for a different 995.
    If you use your receiver cover for a template, it shouldn't be too difficult.
    Concidering the ATI doesn't flex as much as the factory stock, it isn't as cooperative when it comes to adjusting a 16th of a inch around the bolts. Maybe ATI should stop pre-drilling the holes, and let the customer drill the mounting holes.