New C-9 & my 995 Range Trip Report Good & Bad

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  1. Well I finally got to take my new C-9 out to the range, as well as my 995 & my Browning Buckmark.
    My results were a mix of happy & sad. Altogether it was a good outing on a very windy day.

    First I loaded up the C-9 with the 8 rnd Mag. I had all my Mags sitting loaded for over a week so I kept them fully loaded for the first shoot. I fired from 7 yards.
    The 1st Mag went off flawlessly although my aim was a bit off & the wind kept swishing the target around.
    I fired off 2 more 10 rnd Mags without a hitch & my aim was getting better. All these were loaded with WWB.
    My last 10 rnd Mag was loaded with Remington HP’s. I wanted to see how these would work in the C-9 & my 995. But when I went to pull the trigger it had a hard pull & when it finally fired all I heard was a light click. I ejected the round & there was a tiny imprint from the firing pin on the primer. Tried it again & the same thing happened the next 3 times so I stopped & checked everything but didn’t find anything wrong.
    What I think happened is that I pushed the safety half way up. Not enough to stop me from working the slide but enough to interfere with the trigger pull. I just wish I had noticed this earlier & not till after I had left the range & gotten home.

    As you’ll see from my targets, I kept all but 2 inside the target rings. The 2 by the lower center target were intentionally shot at that target. A little to the left but in the right area.

    The Buckmark is a great plinker. I used the cheapo Walmart Federal bulk ammo & only had 1 FTFire. I stuck that one back in a Mag & it fired the 2nd time.
    The trigger on the Buckmark is so light I had trouble not double tapping. I really need to be careful with it if there’s one in the pipe cuz it don’t take much pull to make this thing go BOOM!!
    I might have had some better groupings but the wind was playing havoc with the target but I kept most of them in the target rings.

    Last I set up for the 995. If you read an earlier post of mine it would tell you that my front site was knocked out of alignment & I had to move it into position as best I could. I had it sighted pretty well for 25 yards but I needed to get it zeroed for longer range.
    I set my targets up at 50 yards. I used a bench rest for most of my shooting.
    The 1st 2 targets I was shooting high & to the left so I adjusted the rear site & started getting it on target.
    As you can see in the top target I was getting things lined up. The bottom target I did some freestanding shots as well as a few from the bench rest.
    Now for the Bad News. My 10 rnd Pro-Mag Magazine had miserable FAILURE!!! It wouldn’t feed worth a Damn! The feed ramp is not angled properly & pushes the rounds up to high. Looks like I’ll have to take it apart & sand it down to the correct angle before this piece of junk will work properly. I should have known better than to get anything from Pro-Mag! You guys with the 15 rnd Mags may want to take a look at the angle of the ramp. Getting it to the proper angle may solve all these problems you’ve been having without having to adjust the heck out of them.

    Now that I had it pretty well zeroed in I did a few quick adjust & fires from the bench rest on the top target. I didn’t do to bad considering the wind was picking up. I got most right were they should be.
    Now my last 5 shots had to count & Oh Baby did they ever!!! Just take a look at the last target & tell me this Sweet Piece of Hi-Point Machinery isn’t a great shooter!!
    Not too shabby for Ghost Ring sites at 50 yards in high winds if you ask me!!!!