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I was saving cash to get a Glock 19 ($569 at a local gun store). I like how easy it was to field strip and had heard good things about the Glock. But after doing research on the internet and this board, I found out I could spend a lot less and still have a good HD weapon. I picked up the C-9 about 3 weeks ago for $140 plus tax new in the box, I was a little worried it would not dry fire, but the shop owner stated that the others he sold did the same thing! Went to the range 2 days ago and man what a nice piece! The recoil was really lite I was extremely happy and grouping was very good. I think I need new glasses tho at 15 yards things where fussy. I think HP has it right may be a little on the heavy side but it keeps the recoil down :embarrassed2:
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