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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by bikeman, May 18, 2008.

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    Today, I hit the Gun Show and one dealer had the C9. Several had the .45 and .40, but only one guy had C9's. He wanted $190.00 in the cardboard box and $195.00 in the plastic case. I told him I was going to buy two mags so I needed the extra $5.00 for the mags, so he sold me the gun in plastic case for $190.00 and two 10-round mags. I know this is probably higher than some of you guys are getting them for, but this was the best price I could find. I did seem to notice an increase in just about everything. I think people are Obama/Clinton scared. Anyway, I was stoked to finally get it and hope to shoot it sometime this week. Until then, here are my pics.
  2. congrats!! i see you have the crossman holster! personally, i think the 190.00
    was a little high, but if that was the best you could find then you did all right.
    anyway, enjoy it!

    edited to add...why is it that your extra mags have that butt on the end of

  3. Grats! You're gonna love it!

    ETA: Rob, I think those are the 10 rounders for the C9.
  4. ETA: Rob, I think those are the 10 rounders for the C9.

    ahhh, i didn't know that. thanks!! :)
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    Actually, that is the Uncle Mike's Model 16 holster. I took off the thumbstrap, cause this is going to ride between the seat and console. If it looks that much like the Crossman I should have saved some money and went to Wal-Mart. My G27 is always on my hip, when off-duty. And, those are the 10 round mags.
  6. congrats on your c9 your gonna love it. all you need now is a houge grip for extra comfort.
  7. Congratulations on the C9! They are great pistols.
    I had to give 180 for mine when I bought it, in a cardboard box,
    with a single 8 round mag; and that was a good price for local.
    So you didn't go wrong. Have fun shooting!
  8. wow, it does look like a crossman. my bad...:)
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    No, my bad. I should have went to Wal-Mart. I paid $20 bucks for that thing. I did not see your post until after the package was gone to the dump. I wish I had cause I would have taken it back to Academy Sports and drove across the street to Wal-Mart.

    gabriel c, I want to do the grips but didn't see any at the show, so I gotta check around. I know Academy Sports didn't have them.
  10. hey bikeman i bought the same holster from some guy on ebay but it came without the thumb break, if you still have it would you be willing to part it? just let me know how much your asking for it. thanks.
  11. Congrats on the C9!!

    Before shooting the C9 I suggest taking the mags apart and doing a fluff-n-buff on the followers and inside rear seam of each mag. All you want to do is remove the sharp edges from the followers and smooth out the rear seam in the mag body, this will ensure smooth loading and feeding at the range.

    Most guys like to load their mags to full capacity and let them sit for a week or more, this helps to settle the mag springs in while you are waiting on a range trip.

    Hope you enjoy the C9.
  12. congrats man. enjoy your c9 like i did to mine. also whenever you have time, call HP and ask them to sent you a new set of fire pin with spring. you might need it once you reach 1k rounds. the new design firing pin will last much longer life too.