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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by extra-medium, Mar 12, 2016.

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    So after reading a lot about Hi Point I decided to ignore the haters and snobs and give the C9 a go. It did not disappoint. I loaded the magazine and let it sit for about 2 weeks. I manually cycled through about 4 times to see if there were going to be any issues when I went to the range; no issues. 100 rounds, one misfeed and the sights were dead on out of the box. Love this gun!!
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    I did the same, many people told me don't buy a hipoint because they constantly have issuses, but I bought a C9 and love it, just be extremely careful cycling it with live rounds because the firing pin acts as the ejector too, many here will tell you that.

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    I've had my c9 for two weeks now. Put about 120 rounds through it and it has worked flawlessly. I can hit with it a lot better than I ever did with my Ruger p85 that I had 25 years ago.
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    Personally, great guns. Sure there are nicer looking pieces but if youre looking for a bare knuckles piece, the HP delivers.

    Then you can save the rest of the money for ammo and range time.

    For the cost of a Glock/Colt/Ruger...etc, you have a case or two of ammo and a HP
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    The Hi Points are great, and you can do things to make them look and perform better, although I've never had a functionality problem.:eek: Note the C9 in pic, it looked just like the JHP when new, joey keychain a little sandpaper and elbow grease, and a set of $17 grips from MoM. :D:cool: The JHP45 in the other pic (same one in first pic) just has a $2 light from ebay, $5 light ring and $17 grip panels from MoM.:cool: Low buck upgrades!!! Oh, I did spring for the flush fit mag from Iberia for the 45, plus the 2 9 rounders on the belt.:dance:

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  6. yeah, dont manually cycle the weapon. firing pin as ejector and all that. I did it with my jhp once and just about crapped myself when I saw scratches and dimples on the UNFIRED primer. I'll never do that again
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    Congrats on your purchase. FOR THE MONEY...the HP's are the best bang for the pun intended. Put about 500 rds through my C9 since January and it has performed very well...a few hiccups yes. However, I did my research, watched a lot of youtube, asked questions, made a few mag tweaks and the pistol works great.

    For your first mod I highly recommend the textured dark wood grain grips from Hi Point. For $18 you cant go wrong.
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    Hi HP family,
    I m new to this also. Purchased .40 last year and love it. Price was not the decision maker for me but the quality sold me. Now I've changed the look several times. Flashy but I love it. Snobs might laugh, but I bet it works![​IMG]
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    My first handgun was a slightly used $125 C9. It ruined me. I now have a bunch of different handguns and it's all Hi-Point's fault.
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    I bought a C9 on Feb 29th. I bought 2 mags from HiPoint, too. I took the pistol to the range on Wednesday and experienced 6-8 FTF with the 2 mags, but none with the original.

    But, when it did operate properly, it was pretty accurate.
  11. Recoman

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    You will get many replies telling you to load those mags and let them sit, or work the spring. It's a given, mags are the C9 weakness, but when you get them and the pistol broken in you shall be thrilled. I bought mine new late last year and bought 2 ten round mags. From good advice, I sent one 10 rd. back to MoM, swapped for an 8 rd. I have one 10 rd. that will nosedive rounds 95% of the time with 10 rounds, nine is good. Just stick with the 8 rd mags and give it some break in time. You will be happy. :dance: I've honestly had 2 FTF's and they were 10 rd. mags. Love my C9 and JHP45 and 995TS. They are addicting, and you will hear this story more than once. :D

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  12. I recently got a gently used CF380 Comp for a really good price and upgraded to the 9mm barrel and polished the feed ramp while I was at it. I look forward to many upgrades in the future.