New C9 "how to" question

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by hoodcanaldr, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. hoodcanaldr

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    Picked up my first C9 yesterday. Don't think it's ugly EXCEPT that the ejector port seems hand painted by a child, glossy black with lots of visible brush strokes. IMO makes gun look cheap. I'm willing to polish the port but don't know how and am looking for directions or a "how to" video. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. undeRGRound

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    First Things FIRST! :welcome:

    Secondly, that is probably machining marks you see, not brush strokes.
    So you are correct, it would need polished then repainted. If you have
    a dremel kit it is possible, but it would be easier and less cleanup to
    remove the barrel and use a bigger means of polishing. Like a bench grinder
    with a polishing wheel. Flitz metal polish maybe? :cool:

  3. cicpup

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    When I saw "New C9 "how to" question" I got excited to see a new question. I was disappointed yet again.

    Remove the barrel. Grab a block of wood and various grades sandpaper. Start sanding. Alot. Those tooling gouges are mighty deep. Finish up with a very fine grit followed by a polishing compound.
  4. hoodcanaldr

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    Thanks. How hard is it to remove barrel and how long does "alot" take by hand?
  5. cicpup

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    2 pins holding the barrel in place. Depends on how rough a grade you want to start with. Took me an evening lying on the couch watching tv with the wife.


    Reason I do it by hand instead of power tools is it keeps a level plane and you don't accidentally remove too much.
  6. hoodcanaldr

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    Many, many thanks. When I break it down I'll decide whether I can and how badly I want to do it. In the near term it's likely better to tune the trigger action. I've already followed Moon's lead on oiling the magazine and will load it for break-in when it dries. Again, my thanks.
  7. elt51932

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    I was actually thinking about polishing mine. I'm just lazy. It would look nice with the Joey Keychain though.
  8. SWAGA

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    Why remove the barrel?
    With the slide removed you can sandpaper the 'breechblock' or at the very least just the portion that shows through the ejection port.
    I used 600 followed by 2000 grit.
  9. TopGas

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    I totally concur! No need to remove the barrel. I didn't find the need to get too aggressive. Can't remember exactly but started with abrasive paper, then some steel wool and finally polished it with my Dremel and some metal polish. I too, just polished the surface visible thru the ejection port. Can't imagine that I don't have a pic to post that shows how it looks (and too lazy to get the gun from the truck and snap a few pics) but it definitely looks better than the factory finish. No functional improvement just looks nicer.