New C9, Magazine don't want to load fully

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  1. Hello, I just took delivery of my first HP pistol, a C9. (I bought a carbine a couple months ago, and think it's great.) Anyway, I just opened it and want to load the magazine to let it "break in" for a couple days. I have the loading assist tool from the carbine, and even using it, the last cartridge doesn't want to go in. I loaded and unloaded several times by hand, and it didn't make a difference. The last cartridge will only go in if I force it. It has a lot of friction drag against the top of the mag. I am concerned that it may not want to feed when I go to shoot. I have read about some people having to "tweak" the magazines, but don't really think this is something I should do on a brand new gun. Is this a normal issue with one of these? I didn't have this on my new carbine, or the two extra mags I just recieved for it. Any advice??
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    Don't assume anything about what it may or may not do shooting it. Shoot it, that's how you'll know what will happen when you shoot it.

    As for loading it, are you sure you're not trying to put 1 too many in it? It shouldn't be that difficult.

    Dont tweak anything. If you haven't fired it, you don't know how it feeds, so what are you tweaking?

    Load the mag, leave it alone til you shoot it.

  3. My C9 is better now, than when new, but my thumb still gets a little sore when at the range. I only have the one original mag. Keep the mag loaded, and give it time to work-in. My slide is also easier to rack now. Mine is 3+ years old, with 584 rounds thru it.
  4. 8 is what I put in. The last one seems to be "digging in" at the top. That is why I am concerned. This is with brass Perfecta ammo. And I am not tweaking it, that is what I dont want to do....
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    See my reply above.

    Until you shoot it, you don't know how it can assume til your blue in the face, its pointless.

    Take it out and use it.
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    First Off, :welcome: to HPFF!!!
    Talon is 1000% correct, these HPs may act a little different
    than a gun you may be more familiar with, so just load the
    mags (7 or 8, does not matter) and leave them loaded until
    you go to the range. Should function fine, but if not, record
    exactly what the malfunction is and come back and ASK.
    Older C9s and mags had an occasional glitch, but that is
    less common now. The "tweaks" are relatively easy, but
    most likely will not be needed. :D
    Enjoy your C9/995!!!
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    Newness Stiffness or the spring's not seated perfectly. Unload it and use a ruler or something to compress the snot out of it. Leave it loaded when not in use.
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    I'm with you. I didn't tweak crap on any of my Hi Points, just shot the snot out of them. They have smoothed out just fine.
  9. Ok guys,
    I admit I am new to Hi Points, but my three carbine mags do not have this issue. I have hand worked it several times with Perfecta brass, and went through it again tonight with Federal aluminum cartridges. I'm 57 with lots of mechanical background and am pretty familiar with mechanical and machine work stuff. I can tell by feel that the spring is bottomed out before I have to force the last cartridge in. It just does not seem right, but I will heed your advice as soon as possible. I don't really have a good way to shoot at home unless I go out back and make the neighbors nervous. (I have 4 houses fairly close by, and a major 4 lane highway 250 yards away.)
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    There is ZERO ways to help you until you actually shoot it. Its really that simple.
    You cant say "i dont think this car is going to drive well because it only held 10 gallons of gas". Until you get in it and drive it, you just don't know. Same thing. The mag spring is tight. You've been given every possible option for breaking it in. How it will work in the gun is impossible to guess. You NEED to shoot it.
    Cant help fix something if you don't know if its broken.
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    Tight or not, he should still be able to cram 8 rounds in it. I still think the spring isn't seated properly.
  12. Otherwise, try shooting it with 7 rounds - see if it loosens up. All else fails, send it back to HP - they'll fix it & give you another new mag..
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    If that's the problem, it's a simple solution. HP mags use a "Snap Tite" model design theory. A small flat-head screwdriver will pop it open. Check it for flash, dirt, or if some bit of something got in there and is blocking or binding. Make sure the spring is facing the right way. While it's apart, might as well lightly sand the edges of the "feed lips/ears." Lube it all and reassemble. This costs nothing, is easy to do, and can be done before shooting without harming anything.

    How many mags did the OP have?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I would suggest shooting it, and if there are feeding problems, pull the mag apart, clean it, and reassemble it.
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    I just bought a C9 on 11/30. I noticed that I couldn't get 8 rounds in the magazine either. I shot it with 7 rounds for a couple of magazines and it started loosening up. By the end of 50 rounds it was easier to load and I could get 8 in and shoot all 8 rounds without issue.
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    My C9 mags were much stiffer than the carbine mags but I dip them all in motor oil, drain overnight and then use a small bar clamp and length of wood to compress springs for a few weeks. Easier on the thumb and spring tension is much improved.
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    All that work to accomplish the exact same result as simply loading it and walking away.
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    But oil might seep into the boolitZ ;)

    Are you a gynecologist? :D
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    I could be wrong but I think what your problem is your spring is out of place I have done work on my mags and had the same problem come up check your spring make sure your spring is in the top of the follower and up under the front edge

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    Forgive my kindergarten art skills

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